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"I know that love is the most powerful thing of all."

Not watching Supernatural because there is something more important that has affected me right now.

J.K. Rowling's interview with Oprah. (part 2 and part 3)
"It was an escape for all these children. Imagine what it meant for me."
You guys, I am legitimately shedding tears right now after that interview. Everything about this woman is just completely amazing, and listening to her speak in that interview was inspiring, heartbreaking, heartwarming, and I was smiling and crying at many of the things that she said. And it's not just her talking about the success of writing Harry Potter -- and not ruling out the possibility for more Harry Potter in the future -- but she also talks exclusively about her personal life and the struggles that she faced and the influences of what made Harry Potter happen, including her relationships with her parents, her marriages, the death of her mother, and everything else in between.. She also talks about something I didn't know about her until recently that she suffered from clinical depression.
"Clinical depression is a terrible place to be... It is that absence of feeling, that absence of hope. You don't know you can feel better. It is so difficult to describe to someone who hasn't been there, because it isn't sadness."
As someone who also suffered from clinical depression, this made me tear up more than any other part of the interview because it hit close to home this statement is to me personally (and how the Dementors were a manifestation of that depression in the books, something I didn't know before but it all makes so much sense given her reveals about certain struggles Harry goes through were inspirations from her own life while writing them). Her own struggles with single parenthood also remind me of what my own mother went through with rebuilding her life with me and my sister after the divorce. Just hearing J.K. Rowling speak about her life in such a sincerely genuine and humble manner, about what fueled her passion of writing Harry Potter and everything in between just are so utterly remarkable, empowering and makes me love her even more. Everything she's achieved, coming from nothing to where she is now, never have I been so affected by someone like this. She truly is a goddess in her own right with how eloquent and well-spoken she is and how genuine and sincere she is with everything she talks about, which she speaks so openly and won't go into further detail if she doesn't want to. Not to mention look how gorgeous she is, my God. *__*

The entire interview is worth watching because seriously, if you love the books and you love her, you'll definitely feel affected by this interview like I was. There are no words to describe how utterly amazing and empowering she is and how she has truly affected me. I really want to meet her some day. I'll sell my soul to meet this incredible woman who has changed my life through her phenomenally wonderful series. I'd probably end up flailing and crying in her presence because it would be like meeting royalty, you know? But I have so much respect for this woman, so much high respect I can't stop crying from watching this.

I love you J.K. Rowling, you are my inspiration, my childhood. You've touched something deep inside of me and brought something into my life that changed me for the better, and for that I am forever grateful. You are truly my hero in more ways than you can imagine. ♥
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