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We are of peace. Always.

I finished watching the first season of V and let me just say that I'm definitely impressed.

V, Season One Overview and Thoughts

I remember watching the premiere of V and being intrigued, although I didn't catch up with it because after only four episodes they went on a three month hiatus and I forgot about it. I'm finding that is kind of a mistake because after watching all the rest of the episodes one right after the another, I found that I was completely immersed in the story being told. It was like watching a mini-movie of sorts, a mini-movie that would be continued in the next chapter this November in its second season. From the characters to the story, I'm certainly liking what I'm seeing so far.

I like the relationships between the characters, whether banded together for a cause or circling around each other not wanting the other to know their true intentions, have been fascinating to watch. The storyline of the resistance group, the Fifth Column, of Visitors and humans coming together to take down the rest of the Vs has been quite a ride. Wondering who to trust, who to watch out for, who is a Sleeper and who is working for an entirely different agenda altogether. I like it, I like the structure the show is giving on that front. I like the relationships between families also. Erica and her son Tyler, who are having this difficult relationship even before the Visitors arrived, Ryan and his girlfriend Val, and Father Jack and his relationship with his own faith and knowing where to stand in this fight. I find them to be realistic and even though we kind of want to say, "just tell them already!" there's higher risks at stake and we see the internal struggle some of them have with it.

But I think I am more fascinated by the V society. Like with BSG and the Cylons, the Visitors are definitely the fascinating part. More importantly, I am totally mesmerized by Anna (played by Morena Baccarin) and her role as the leader of the Vs and her role she plays in the show.

She is strategic and methodical, and there's lots of dirty politics played on her end by manipulating humanity for her own purposes, she shows compassion one minute and is cold and calculating the next. She seems to know a great deal about how to handle situations when something goes either right or wrong, she knows how to play with emotions of humans, to get underneath their skin, to further manipulate them and twist things around. And she's hardly even human herself, and this is what makes it so fascinating to watch on the screen. Mostly it's because of Morena Baccarin, who I absolutely love and adore, and she does perfectly in this role. I even watch for those little ticks she says she subtly adds in to seem reptile-ish (the way she blinks sometimes, cocks her head, etc) She's utterly captivating to watch and is, in my opinion, the best performance of the entire show because of how well she portrays the character.

Especially that huge scream at the end in the finale. My God that was amazing. Anna's first experience with expressing and feeling human emotion after seeing that her eggs had been destroyed was so shockingly brilliant. I want to learn more about that next season, and if she's gonna display more of that or not, or is going to try and cover it up, or if she'll have an outburst and react like she did in such a way that might blow her cover. It's all very interesting, and I want to know what happens next.

I also have grown to love Lisa, Anna's daughter, as I continued watching the season. Her suddenly developing human emotions for her affections for Tyler have grown and she's suddenly wanting to turn against her mother and possibly join forces with the Fifth Column in the second season because of how she helped Erica in the finale. Plus, I kinda want Erica to become a surrogate mother-figure to Lisa, and judging from some things there is definitely gonna be a reversal of roles between Lisa and Tyler; Lisa is going to be more active with the human society and Tyler with the V society. I think it'll be interesting to see, especially of how protective and territorial both mothers are and how they are willing to use these children for their own purposes. However, I think Erica and Lisa will help each other out more than with Tyler who is still in the dark on many things.

Also, I want Father Jack and Erica to get together somehow next season. I'm glad nothing romantic came out of this season because they were just starting out with trusting and befriending each other, but there's definitely some subtext between them. Am I the only one?

Poor Ryan though, Anna really got to him good in that finale and I severely hope that whatever happens he can snap out of it. Her killing Val was definitely a breaking point because Ryan did say it was because of Val that he started resisting Anna's Bliss in the first place, developing such human emotions and hanging onto that love for a human being. Now he was started to get affected again. I don't know what will happen, whether he'll be turned and become a Sleeper/double-agent or what. :(

I'm interested in what Chad Decker is going to do with the knowledge he learned. I'm glad he finally learned the truth.

Overall: A nice first season. Can't wait for the second.

I honestly think it's better to watch it straight through without having to wait a week to see another episode, because I felt engaged to want to know more about what was happening. Of course when starting the second season I won't have that luxury in doing that. But I'll be with everyone else who has been watching it from the beginning, which will be kinda cool now that I'm all caught up.

I'm also thinking about starting The Vampire Diaries next because I heard great things about it.
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