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Shiny Fandom: New Serenity Images!

Whedonesque has just announced the newest released images from Serenity! There aren't anything spoiler-worthy, but for those wanting to avoid anything revealing about the movie at all costs, best turn away now before temptation gets the better of you. Because the immense power of the shiny and prettiness is hard to resist.

Zoe, looking very kickass with a her particularly large rifle-esque gun. From those that aren't familiar with the Firefly 'verse (which is a gorram shame if you don't!), Gina Torres, who plays Zoe, also played Jasmine on season four of Angel.

The Bad Guy, I'm assuming. Also saw this part on the bootleg trailer.


Bad Guy once again

Another rather dazzling shot of Zoe in a pretty dress

The Serenity Crew

Yet another shot of Zoe and another one of her trusty powerful guns

Shepard Book reading, well, a book. Or a Chinese crossword puzzle.

The Serenity Crew once more

I'm slightly disappointed that neither River nor Inara are featured in any of these new pictures, however there's still time until September. Which is unfortunate, because there are some lucky bastards that got to see the film per-official release date at the pre-screenings. I would've attended, but school was more of a priority during that time when the pre-screenings had appeared around the area. Oh well, must wait until September 30th, like all the others that are waiting impatiently like I am.

But, yay with the shiny pictures! Here's another one that was released way before, but I finally get to see a bigger version now: Mal, Zoe, Jayne, and River, with River apparently wearing some funky looking goggles. And Jayne just being Jayne, with the coolness of his shades as well.

Remember kids: Serenity's official release date is September 30th. Come and join the rest of us Browncoats!
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