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Older and a bit wiser...I think?

Thank you to all those who gave me birthday wishes, including the Misha/Castiel picspams which made me smile. I didn't mention anything, so seeing that made me get warm fuzzies. So thank you darling flist, ilu. ♥

I spent Saturday pretty much lounging around, being laidback. I didn't really expect anything big for my birthday anyway, since my presents were the Chicago trip and my brand new shiny camera. However I did receive two big Lady Gaga posters and the Caprica S1.0 DVDs from my sister who wanted to get me something so, yay. \O/ I also ended up watching Power Rangers: The Movie which brought back tons of memories. Ah, good times, even with the utter cheesiness and obvious puns, lol. Just came back from having Japanese for dinner, which in my opinion was a perfect conclusion to my mellow birthday bash. I loves me some Japanese food, om nom nom. Tomorrow I'll be dining out with my father for his part in celebrating my b-day.

So all is good.

Unrelated: I will be posting my Chicago write-up very soon, so don't worry. I know some people are wondering about my Misha encounter, among other things.... ;)
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