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Shiny Fandom: Summer Glau News

I must've guessed correctly. Summer Glau is guest-starring on The 4400 tonight. This'll be her third guest-starring role on a series that I've seen her in. Of course, she's appeared on the shows that I watch -- including Cold Case and CSI. And Buffyverse fans will recognize Summer on her appearance on Angel: The Series in the episode Waiting in the Wings as the ballerina.

Summer also had a very minimal part in the teeny-bopper movie Sleepover as the ticket lady, which I never saw and probably wouldn't be worth seeing just to catch that very small glimpse of her in it.

And by this excessive amount of rambling about our dear adorable Summer, I present the pimpage of her fansites. (which I'd gotten all the images from) and In which I do not run, but I applaud those that do. Because Summer deserves her own site, dammit!

Don't forget that she'll also be starring, along with her other shiny and talented co-stars, in the Joss Whedon production of Serenity as the telepathic-psychic and geniusly insane, but adorable, River Tam.

I adore Summer, if you couldn't tell.
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