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Frak this shit.

Syfy cancels Caprica.

I majorly disappointed right now. Disappointed in the network because after all the success of BSG you'd think they would at least give them another season before making such a decision, along with their stupid decision on prolonging the mid-season hiatus. But I think I'm mostly disappointed in the BSG fandom. Fans were huge over there and after the series finale it seemed like there's hardly anyone left, at least from my observations anyway. Some still hold bitter feelings towards it or for whatever reason so I guess that they figured they wouldn't give this a chance, I don't know, but I think it's unfair. Granted this wasn't going to be the same as BSG, everyone knew that, but I felt like people should have given it a chance to develop and grow and seeing with how epic it's been lately this just is a huge disappointment to me.

I'm still gonna fight it, though. I don't care that's an official announcement. I'm gonna email Syfy, I'm gonna try and make a petition, get people to watch it. If there's one thing I've learned is that us fans have a voice and we have to power to bring something back if we work hard enough.

Contact Syfy via email ( and tell them to reconsider. Please.
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