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Admirable and impressive young woman...

I love Christy Romano. This article proves that having a Disney Channel contract doesn't mean you turn out like Duff or Lohan -- Christy has matured into a talented (and rather beautiful) young woman in showbiz, without having a tabloid life. She's snarky and opinionated in some of her answers, and reminds me of Veronica Mars in some ways. Fame hasn't corrupted her, and I'm glad for that.

She admits that her career is a business, not a playground. Unlike certain celebrities, her goals are very clear and she isn't afraid to admit to them. The thing I find admirable about Christy Romano is her matter of principles while speaking to interviewers; her witticisms may seem rather bitchy but that's what I like about her. She's modest but opinionated. While I cannot stand watching the Disney Channel anymore, I loved Christy's performance on Even Stevens. She's got spunk -- and who doesn't like a woman with spunk? Point has been proved by her many performances: she's worthy of being a successful actress without the rumors and paparazzi, whether or not people find her admirable as much as I do.

Not only that, but Christy performed on a Broadway production of Beauty and the Beast, and that also says something about how talented she is. Performing onstage isn't an easy thing to do, speaking as a person who has experienced that firsthand herself.

She may not be well-known, but many intelligently independent and talented actors often aren't recognizable by Hollywood standards. Which, personally, is a mistake on their part. Because Christy is among the young ladies that aren't corrupted by fame and fortune and getting their names into the tabloids -- an admirable woman, she definitely is.
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