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beauty_awake, this is for you babe!

Since I had inadvertently converted you towards the VMars fandom I have decided to further get you addicted to this lovely series. So I put together a bunch of my personal favorite and memorable quotes from the show like I had done with Dead Like Me. That being said, Veronica Mars certainly has a lot of memorable quotes -- all due to Veronica's snarktastic comebacks, as well as a few other characters and their witticisms. Anyway, without further ado:

Veronica: This is my school. If you go here, your parent's are either millionaires or your parents worked for millionaires. Neptune, California -- a town without the middleclass. If you're in the second group you get a job; fast food, movie theater, mini-marts -- or you could be me. My after-school job means tailing floundering spouses or investigating false injury claims.
The Pilot Episode, Scene: First opening scene, we hear Veronica's voiceover (which happens frequently throughout the series) as she introduces her high school, and the social status of it's unnaturally high reputation of the rich and wealthy and, of course, herself.

Veronica: You're new here, huh? Welcome to Neptune High. Go Pirates!
The Pilot Episode, Scene: Veronica makes conversation with the "new kid" who'd been stripped naked and ducktaped onto the flagpole with the word "SNICH" written across his chest. Her last words here are exclaimed in a smart-alec way towards the crowding students who were unwilling to cut the kid down. 'Pirates' are Neptune High's mascot.

Veronica: I used to sit there, at that table. It's not like our family met the Net-worth requirement. My dad didn't own his own airline like John Embombs, or serve as Ambassador to Belgium like Shelley Promroyces. But my dad used to be the sheriff and that had a certain chaste. Let's be honest, though. The only reason why I was allowed beyond the velvet ropes was Duncan Kane, son of software billionaire Jack Kane -- he used to be my boyfriend.
The Pilot Episode, Scene: Veronica is sitting alone at an outside lunch table, her voiceover explaining the "In" crowd and her involvement with them before...well, you'll found out.

Veronica: And let's not forget Logan Echolls. His dad makes 20 million a picture. He'd probably own his action figure. Every school has an obligatory psychotic jackass...he's ours.
The Pilot Episode, Scene: Veronica's voiceover, same scene as the previous; describing Logan Echolls, Duncan's best friend. The best quote to describe him, really.

Weevil: Sista, the only time I care about what a woman has to say is when she's riding my big ole hog, and even then it's not so much words, just ooh's and aah's, ya know.
Veronica: So it's big, huh?
Weevil: Legendary.
Veronica: Well, let's see it! I mean, if it's as big as you say then I'll be your girlfriend....we can go to Prom together!
The Pilot Episode, Scene: The first conversation between Veronica and Weevil, the leader of the motorcycle gang that had Wallace (the new kid) ducktaped to the flagpole. Veronica is defending Wallace, and Weevil and using sexually obscenities towards her way. But Veronica, being the comeback girl that she is, uses those phrases back at Weevil.

Troy: Flat?
Veronica: Just as God made me.
Troy: Are you always this persnickety?
Veronica: Sometimes I'm even persnicketier.
"Credit Where Credit's Due", Scene: Probably the most memorable VM quote, as far as I'm concerned. Veronica discovers a "mysterious" flat on one of her tires of her car in the school parking lot. Troy Vandegraff, friend of Duncan Kane, offers her a hand.

Keith Mars: Have you been playing nice with the other children?
Veronica: You know Dad, I'm old school, an eye for an eye.
Keith Mars: That's actually Old Testament.
"Meet John Smith", Scene: Keith Mars, Veronica's dad, was asking about what the counselor at her school wanted to speak about. This is before Veronica asks something vital (and forbidden) about the Kane case. And actually, the "eye for an eye" phrase isn't Old Testament, it's Hammurabi's Code, but there's plenty of debate on that small flaw.

Veronica: The weird thing about going to high school with your ex is they're inescapable. Everywhere you turn, there they are.
"Meet John Smith", Scene: Veronica's voiceover, once again, at the beginning of the episode -- her thoughts about seeing Duncan at school when there's awkward tension between them since Lilly's death.

Lilly Kane: You know, it makes absolutely no sense. My disappearance. Murder. Whatever. How it supposedly went down. So bogus, right? Hey, here's the thing. The truth is gonna come out.
Duncan: What are you talking about?
Lilly Kane: Clue in, Donut. It doesn't add up! You know that, deep down inside. I wish you'd just admit it to yourself. Break out of your stupor. Wake up!
"Meet John Smith", Scene: Duncan's insane hallucination when he's off the antidepressant medication, which reveals something small but vital about Lilly's death. Lilly appears before Duncan, acting as if she was still there -- but the knowledge of her death is conscious to her, and tries to tell Duncan that everything isn't at all as it seemed. Very interesting segment in the series, I must say. Adds to the suspense and mystery of the show.

Wallace: I suddenly feel like I'm in a scene from "The Outsiders".
Veronica: Be cool, Sodapop.
The Pilot Episode, Scene: Nearing the end of the episode, Veronica's deal with the Weevil and the motorcycle gang pays off as Wallace and Veronica watch the showdown with Weevil and Logan. Veronica uses the reference to Sodapop, the character from the book "The Outsiders".

Wallace: You called your Geometry teacher a jackass?
Veronica: That's totally taken out of context. Let me see that...
Wallace: Ah-ah! Hold up, Grabby. I'm discovering a whole new side of you. Damn, Mrs. Applebomb loved her some Veronica Mars! 'Veronica Mars is a complete angel, and a joy to have in class everyday'.
Veronica: Mrs. Applebomb? That file goes to the second grade?
Wallace: Kindergarden. Aww, sweet! You wrote your teacher a poem.
Veronica: Okay, yes, I was a kiss-ass. You've outted me.
"Meet John Smith", Scene: After assigning Wallace to retrieve Veronica's personal file, Wallace and Veronica are reading what her past (and possibly current) teachers are saying about her. Another BFF moment between Veronica and Wallace.

Wallace: Wait a minute. These are snickerdoodles. You're the one who's been making my Spirit Boxes?
Veronica: I used to be on Pep Squad, remember?
"Betty and Veronica", Scene: Wallace discovers that it has been Veronica who'd been placing the boxes of cookies (a.k.a. Snickerdoodles) inside his locker, for an ego-boost for being on the Neptune basketball team, which he loves. Another cute BFF scene.

Veronica: A payphone that doesn't recieve incoming calls -- shocker. From a place called Gameland? It's probably a cyber cafe, but I'll check it out.
Wallace: No, it's not a cyber cafe it's a gaming club. It's like a bunch of computer nerds trying to blow each other up. Only girls they've seen there are Japan animated, so you're not really going to blend.
Veronica: So I won't blend.
"The Wrath of a Con", Scene: Veronica is tracking down a con who'd blackmailed and played off a friend at school for millions of dollars. This is right before she goes into a Sydney Brostow act and disguises herself like a cosplay member of the gaming area, where she pretends and does an "Alias" spying technique.

Veronica: Confess, it's good for the soul!
Chardo: What?
Veronica: The moron says 'what'!
Chardo: (serious) What?
"Credit Where Credit's Due", Scene: Veronica busts Chardo are attempting to run scott-free and letting his cousin, Weevil, take the fall for his mistakes on using the Echolls credit cards.

Veronica: Quite a reputation I've got, huh? You want to know how I lost my virginity? So do I.
The Pilot Episode, Scene: Veronica's voiceover after the motorcycle gang leaves while she's parked outside the Neptune Grand scouting out her latest assignment. This is just before the flashback to the night where Veronica explains that her reputation was ripped apart after Lilly Kane's death -- and her innocence destroyed after being date-raped at a party she'd mistakenly went to. She vaguely remembers what had happened.

Veronica: I used to think I knew what tore our family apart. Now I'm sure I don't. But I promise this: I will find out what really happened, and I will bring this family back together again. I'm sorry, is that mushy? Well, you know what they say. Veronica Mars, she's a marshmallow.
The Pilot Episode, Scene: The ending scene of the first episode. Veronica's suspicions about everything -- the Kane case, the disappearance of her mother's whereabouts -- she plans on researching and investigating it all...because she's Veronica Mars, dammit.

Unfortunately, I cannot reveal all the quotes that I want to because that'll give away some of the plots for the episodes. That would also spoil the revealed secrets and some surprising moments within the series itself -- to which I STILL haven't seen the season finale yet, so no spoilers for this gal! Absolutely nothing spoilerific, and I'm planning on keeping it that way until I watch it for myself.

However, freedom of spoilers aside, these are the heaps of quotes that I loved throughout the episodes I've watched so far. And honestly, beauty_awake, if you cannot get insanely attached and addicted to Veronica Mars as I am, then there's something completely wrong with you. VMars is and addicting series, and if these quotes aren't convincing you then I suggest you take a look here. It gives you details of the series as well as some screenshots of the actors/actresses portraying each character, as well as episode screencaps to give a visual aspect on what you'll be expecting within in the show. After that? Watch the show!

This goes towards anyone else that's been hearing about the phenomenal Veronica Mars craze and wondering what all the hype is about. Still not convinced? Veronica Mars.Org is the place where you can found out more information, as well as episode clips from every single episode in season one.

Luckily, Veronica Mars is returning for a second season in the fall. Be thankful for that, at least. I know I am.
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