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Oh hay, where have y'all been?

Recovering from being sick over the last several days, which is why I've slightly MIA. I spent the majority of the time sleeping, and when it wasn't that then it was hacking and wheezing and trying not to puke while not eating anything at all. Shit was all fucked up, but on the road to recovery now so it's all good.

Has anyone heard about the Omegle shenanigans happening right now? I am trolling the hell out of it! It's hilarious fun, have been keeping myself busy for hours playing online meme wars and RPGing like whoa. Already I met a Castiel, pretended to be Castiel, pimping out Dean/Cas to random strangers, quoted Mean Girls while pimping out Dean/Cas, and various other characters with random conversations. It's fun (although most don't get Firefly references which, fail.) It's mostly organized by the Tumblr folks but if we get more LJ peeps on there, fandom can rule the universe, I am fully convinced of this. *nods*

Also, I still hate this fucked up comment coding. LJ, y u no fixing this? ;__;

This is a random post.

Happy birthday no_eight and cheerful_earl, you two sexy bitches! ♥
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