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"You have no idea how much pain I can take..."

I'm gonna switch it up here and talk about one of my newest obsessions: Nikita.

I am totally in love with Nikita, like you have no idea. I'm not going to spoil anything for those who haven't yet seen this fantastic new CW series, instead I'm going to gush over how utterly impressive this show particularly with casting Maggie Q who is, in my opinion, a fine choice in playing Nikita. She is my new wifey, in fact. ♥ I find it amazing and empowering that not only is this show featuring a strong female lead role but she's a minority female lead which, in this business unfortunately, finding Asians to carry on their own show of any kind is rather rare and needs to happen more often. So I'm grateful they gave her a chance and lo and behold, she is kicking so much ass. There just needs more empowering female roles on television in general though so, I hope to God this series sticks around.

Unlike most CW programs this one is promising in fast-paced action, which Maggie Q does the majority of her own stunts and you can see clearly in many scenes that it's mostly all her (which get it, girl!) since she is trained in martial arts from being in many international action movies, the plot is intriguing and the other characters as well. There's also tons of unresolved sexual tension between certain characters and a powerful relationship with another pair and it makes it even more interesting to watch without too much melodramatics being involved.

There aren't many shows on today that I can recommend enough, and with certain shows being canceled left and right I really want Nikita to succeed, it's already been ordered a full season so that's good. Let's hope it keeps up because I absolutely love it and I want to see what directions they take the show.

Did I mention that I love Maggie Q? Seriously. ♥

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