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Supposedly, I liked this kind of weather...

It's raining. It's raining during the month of June. It's raining here in California in the beginning of summertime, in June. Yesterday was hot and humid, today was cold and pouring down rain. Now, the sun is peeking out but -- still, it's raining. What the fucking hell, Mother Nature? What the fucking hell?

Shouldn't be that surprising, since here in the Valley it's probably about to be labeled as the new Tornado Alley, since we've had previously four tornado warnings since the year started. Our weather system is fucked over. It's also fucked over because I was supposed to have a barbeque this afternoon and, while we succeeded, it wasn't supposed to be this batshit crazy weather. I heard the rain early this morning -- around midnight and 1:00 approximately -- and I wished that it only lasted the night. Unfortunately Mother Nature just isn't in the mood to be listening to a gal like me. Nature's got the psychotic mood swings again.

Waking up early just isn't my cup of tea. And now my sister is blackmailing me with her excessive knowledge of the VMars finale, that I still haven't seen just yet. Damn her and her knowledge and spoilerage whoring.
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