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SPN: "All Dogs Go To Heaven" Episode Review + Meta

Supernatural 6.08 "All Dogs Go To Heaven"

Reluctantly working for Crowley as he proposes a job for them to find an Alpha on their next case, the Winchesters discover a brash link of dead bodies with missing hearts, believed to be werewolf attacks. However the more they investigate it turns out that it isn't werewolves at all, but Skinwalkers, with their forms shaped into a dog. The one in particular, named Lucky, is captured by the boys and getting information about his "pack leader" which, incidentally, is the Alpha Skinwalker. Lucky tells the plans the Alpha has for all in the pack that they will turn their "families" at the same time, creating more Skinwalkers. They get Lucky to help them so they can take out the Alpha Skinwalker, though it turns into an all out gun and dogfight (literally) which results to Lucky getting injured, but the Alpha is dead.

Lucky returns back to the streets, hopefully to find himself another home, and Dean and Sam finally talk about Sam's deal which Sam admits that he isn't really Sam anymore. He doesn't give a shit about anything, and he feels better without that, but would like to be the old Sam again. The episode was overall kind of okay, nothing really new but the story was sort of sad.

Sam Winchester And His Soulless Confessional

Apparently Sam admitted that he really isn't Sam anymore, at least the Sam Winchester we once knew him to be. Which honestly we kind of already got that once the entire "no soul" thing was revealed, because honestly without a soul how can you be who you once were?

What's interesting about his confession though is that he probably wouldn't have said this had Dean not confronted him about it, like before. Dean knew that Sam was pretending to be still Sam and he had enough of dancing around the real issue, and Sam being caught red-handed yet again decided that he should just confirm that by confessing to it. I find it interesting what he says though, that he feels like Sam because of his memories and knowledge, but it really isn't him. This has me confused on what a soul particular means in this universe and what it translates to when someone is without their soul. This show really hasn't given any concrete groundwork for that aspect of the mythos at all, which is really bugging me. At least the show has acknowledged the confusion over it, but you'd think after six seasons there would be something to go on.

Another thing I'd like to address is Sam admitting that he just didn't give a shit about anything or anyone, and openly admitted that he'd done horrible and terrible things like killing innocents during hunts, and he just doesn't care. Being an efficient skilled hunter at the price of empathy and his own humanity of his soul, which he also admits that he probably thought about not wanting his soul back because he wants to stay like that. The fact it hurts with all the moralizing he used to do. I'll be honest, even though I do want Sammy back I kinda like this version of Sam; less with the bitching, emoing, throwing temper tantrums and having a chip on his shoulder and more of him just being an efficient hunter and getting shit done. I guess it goes back to the "reversal" aspect this season apparently is going for, he's acting more like Dean from the earlier seasons (except without the soulless part), and I think Jared is doing great since he plays this part rather well.

However, I still don't trust him.

Sam has openly lied to Dean many times since this season began, and has only admitted to the truth after getting caught or being confronted by his brother. It's like what Crowley said, this Sam would definitely sell his brother out for a dollar just for a soda if he wanted to, and there are times during this season where I honestly think Sam wanted to. Also, it got me to thinking that it's because of Sam's influence that has fucked Dean up during this last year because of his "not giving a flying fuck" about anything. How are we supposed to trust him now because of all this? Just because he's told the truth doesn't mean he won't lie again or do something else, since obviously he has other motives. He could say one thing but do another.

Someone mentioned that even without a soul, this version of Sam has been building over the seasons for some time, and I agree. Sam has been losing his sense of morality for a long time, and him without a soul completes it. What will happen once he gets his soul back? That is the biggest question.

Dean Winchester: Stop Moping And Grow A Pair

One of the biggest annoyances I had with this episode was they paralleling Lucky's issues to Dean's, because honestly I am sick and tired of them going back to that domesticated life nonsense. It didn't sense before and it still doesn't make sense now.

From a continuity standpoint I understand why it had to be included, however I thought we had been over this already? Dean needs to start manning himself up and stop dwelling over something he can't do anything about. Lisa doesn't want him around anymore, he knows that he endangers them every single time he's around them because like everything Winchester-related danger follows them around like tails on a dog, it is just inevitable, and he admitted to it deep down during the truth spell incident. So why is he continuing this emo bullshit still? It's an attachment of sorts, I get that, even though there's hardly any ties between them other than living with them for a year, I guess I just don't understand why the show needs to bring Lisa and Ben up constantly. Twice already this episode had Dean looking at his phone and Sam mentioning their names at the end when he simply could have just said he didn't care about anything or anyone, including his own brother.

I love Dean Winchester, I really really do. He's my second favorite character next to Castiel. However I don't like his character direction this season or why there even needed to be a domesticated storyline for him anyway, let alone a year time-jump; for the surprise of his brother being back I can get, but I feel like they needed to have Dean not be his hunter self and all this domesticated bullshit and I just, no. Sorry, that doesn't compute.

Unless the show is deliberately trying to say that Dean is more fucked up than ever before because of the less-than-smart choices he's made, I just don't really see the point. It's a wasted storyline when there could be other interesting factors added to it.

Dean? I love you and always will, but fucking get over it. Or more specifically, Sera Gamble? Fuck you for not even caring about his characterization one bit when creating this scenario. >:|

Yes, I am rather opinionated on the subject, and I know that some people have enjoyed seeing domesticated!Dean and I would too if the entire situation wasn't so randomly placed and without much development on either side, and that it actually made sense which this does not. I want Dean to be happy, but it has to be a life that he wants to live for himself without the entire thing being a falsehood, which is what the last year has been for him. A life based on a promise he made which isn't what he really truly wanted. Which seems to be a common theme for certain characters, and I'll get to that later. But yeah. I just hate the entire thing and I wish that they would have Dean just move on and stop with the melodramatics because that shit just is boring me to tears, and it's also an insult to his character, imo.

Memorable Moments of the Episode


The entire conversation in the food market of the restaurant was spectacularly done. I think it's because I love seeing Crowley, Dean and Sam sitting together at a fast food joint talking business. And Crowley sitting backwards on a chair? Awesome. Everything about that scene was very awesome. It still places questions about the limitations of Crowley's abilities now with his King of Hell status, and whether he really truly does have Sam's soul (I say he doesn't, but we'll see), but seeing the boils effect was nifty. Still wished we saw more of Crowley though, especially what he had to say after the events of the hunt and why they didn't deliver to him. But seeing Mark Sheppard is always a win in my books. Just needed some Castiel, that's all. ;p

++ Dean, stop being a hypocrite. You worked with demons before, hell you worked with Crowley himself before. Remember, last season? While this might be under different circumstances, you were his pawn then and you are now, so stop acting like this is a blasphemous thing to do.

++ Jared was surprisingly good in this episode. Again I'm not normally a fan of Sam, and Jared's acting can be questionable at times, but he was rather good here. I think I prefer him with the vacant snarking than the emotional puppying/hilarious raeg!face he does most of the time.

++ Boy still needs a serious haircut and to shave those hideous sideburns though. Just saying. *kanye!shrug*

++ Again, the emotionless snark was perfection. Jared really gets into this role of soulless!Sam really well, and this episode kind of shows how much fun he has with it.

++ The entire time with the Skinwalker stuff I kept thinking....Sam Merlotte? I mean seriously, I know I am not the only one who thought that.

++ Sniper!Dean was definitely awesome. This isn't the first time we've seen him with a sniper rifle, I remember in the earlier seasons he handled one. But it's been a long time since then and seeing him, up high targeting on someone was definitely one of the highlights of the episode for me. But you know what's even better than sniper!Dean on the roof? Sniper!Dean + handgun:

Double the gun!porn = me likey. ♥

++ I was legitimately sad seeing this scene:

While the entire concept of the Skinwalkers taking on "families" only to turn them to have more in the pack was creepy enough, especially with seeing Lucky earlier in the episode kind of watching the woman as a dog in a stalker-ish manner and killing her boyfriend, I was legitimately sad for him by the very end. It's an unfortunate heartbreaking story, and I think what got me was that very last scene with him and the woman. I mean, honestly, she was in the right for being angry and slamming the door in his face, but I think it's just him knowing she would do that be apologizing and thanking her anyway that really got to me. Like he felt the need to have it be said without her knowing the entire story, or even accepting his words. He just needed to say them out loud for her to hear to he could move on with himself. And seeing him turning back into a dog and wandering off was also heartbreaking....I thought he would have committed suicide by getting hit by a car or something, but I'm glad he didn't. I like that he's off into the world now. It's a bittersweet ending for him, which I liked.

++ Something was missing though.....

Overall: It was an okay episode, not the best and it certainly was more filler than anything, but it was one of those episodes that could have been boring had it not gone the way it did. I think they did good with handling the Skinwalker concept and the Lucky story, I felt that was the most genuine thing to come out from this episode was his story. Crowley continues to be entertaining, Dean continues to be a dick and dwelling over stupid shit, Sam also continues to entertain me with his soulless snarky humor, and of course he wants to become the other Sam which I hope we get more answers soon regarding the whole soul situation because I am lost on what it still means. Either way, I thought this was a good episode considering how it could have gone.

Also, is it just me or have the episode titles for this show this season kind of risen to ridiculous levels? Between these, the official show score song titles and the new promos they have out now (you know, the over-photoshopped and airbrushed AU!promo), I somehow feel like it's become a parody of itself. I don't mind that the show is finally getting more publicity and all but, idk. It feels rather weird to me.

Anyone remember these promotional photoshoots from like the earlier seasons, or even this fantastic S1 promo? Whatever happened to having those, huh? Variety CW, we need some.
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