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Let me tell you a secret....

++ If anyone still would like a Christmas card, please go to this post and give me your address. Also let me know if you want to send me one so I can give you mine. *g*

++ In the midst of finding new fandoms to get attached to, I've come across one that has surprised me. Pretty Little Liars. Has anyone else watched this season so far? It's good, like really good. I haven't read the books, but I really like it so far and the show really does great with the mysteries and the characters and their relationships. I definitely recommend it for those who like teen dramas that have mysteries. Also, alexwhitman25? I downloaded all of the first season of The Vampire Diaries and will be starting that soon after I finish with Pretty Little Liars. I've also been catching up on the new Hawaii 5-0 and I also like that, too. It's your typical procedural crime show of course, but with Daniel Dae Kim and the lovely Grace Park. Seeing more Asians on my television is a good thing, I mean they had Dichen Lachman in one of the previous episodes. How awesome is that? \O/

++ I also rewatched the third season of Veronica Mars and....I don't understand the negativity people had for it. I thought it was way better than the second season, and actually felt like the first season writing/acting wise, and I'm happy where it ended off, inconclusive probably but with the relationships of characters it was nice, and Veronica had gotten her groove back. So I don't understand the amount of hate it got.

++ Reading articles like this and this make me really pissed off and bitter about what happened with Caprica. For a network that says they are behind the BSG franchise, nothing of what they've done supports such a claim at all. It disappoints and infuriates me, it also makes me even more adamant in fighting against it.


It is almost finally here! Anyone going to the midnight showing? Unfortunately I cannot, however I will be planning on going this weekend for sure and I most certainly am going to be buying a midnight ticket when Part 2 comes out next year. *shaking and crying*
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