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SPN: "Clap Your Hands If You Believe" Episode Review + Meta

Supernatural 6.09 "Clap Your Hands If You Believe"

The Winchesters are investigating a case of disappearances in an area where locals are claiming that it's aliens, while a random few believe it's actually fairies. This gets ignored by the brothers until Dean suddenly gets abducted while investigating a crop field where the latest victim was last seen. He gets returned hours later, to an emotionally insensitive soulless!brother who he has to school about ~empathy~ on which, yeah, doesn't go anywhere. Dean then starts seeing people that Sam cannot see, and encounters Sookie Stackhouse a blinding floating ball of light that's actually a fairy. They investigate further, Dean unfortunately gets carded to jail after attacking someone he thought was a fairy, but Sam ends up encountering a gnome who ran the entire show and after fighting, Sam says a spell that breaks the deal.

Mostly this was a filler episode that mainly dealt with fairies and discussions of Sam's lack of a soul, and of course him not wanting it back.

The Mythology of Supernatural: Fairies, Gnomes and Other Dimensions

I found the episode dealings with fairies....interesting, to say the least. This season is about bringing in unknown or rather peculiar creatures to the surface, some from other countries and some that were hidden until just recently, and mostly due to the Alpha business. While this wasn't part of anything Alpha-related, it was amusing. Though it makes me question why the subject of fairies was brought up in the mythology in the first place, and why it was dealt with the way it was.

Initially when I heard they were doing an episode featuring fairies my thoughts went directly to all sorts of lore, particularly of the religious kind. There are religious folklore that consider fairies to be fallen angels, the angels that after the War in Heaven they were caught between Heaven and Hell and weren't allowed in either, so they became fairies. I would have figured that, since they covered the cherub part of angel theology and made it work (hierarchy-wise at least), they could also partake in adding in the fairy bits too. Which is something I'd wished Castiel had been part of this episode because he would be able to explain to Sam and Dean to true nature of fairies being angels. Also, considering this is Supernatural and they have been dealing with the Heaven vs Hell aspect for nearly two and a half seasons, I figured they would add that into the mixture. But of course, because this is Supernatural I shouldn't get my hopes up on them expanding anymore of that mythology, at least in an interesting way. Instead we get the same-old bargaining/sacrificing trope this show loves to pull time and again, only this time just for the lulz.

I'm not say that it wasn't amusing, but I felt like they could have done more than just simply handwave it to be something out from a spellbook and all you gotta do is reverse it with another spell. Oh, and pouring salt on the ground. Like seriously? That's it? The boys have always used salt, they're hunters, they could have just dumped it right from the start and that would have been that. I don't know, I just feel like there could have been more substance with it.

But asking for more substance or an elaboration on something is like asking too much from this show, it seems.

Sam Winchester: Without A Soul, Without Empathy

Let's rehash this once again: Sam has no soul, Sam doesn't feel anything, Sam doesn't know how to act like a rational, subtle human being with emotions. Dean tries to explain it to him however it doesn't get through. Sam is thinking about not wanting his soul at all if it means he's going to ~suffer~ and stuff.

Did I miss anything?

Okay show, we get it. Sam has no soul and has absolutely no filter whatsoever, he lacks any kind of empathy. While it was interesting seeing Dean trying to teach him about how to care or at least pretend to care while in public, I didn't feel like it was necessary for Dean to even mention anything because this Sam kind of knows that he's not all right and he knows that he cannot feel, he simply doesn't care about anything even his own brother, he said so in the previous episode. It shouldn't come as a surprise to either of them by now with the way he acts, even if it might be frustrating. Granted Dean could teach Sam how to be like Dexter, pretending to be normal like everyone else around him, try to act sympathetic and at least resembling something of humanity. But I don't think this Sam kind of approves of wanting that change, hence him really not caring about getting his soul back because he likes not caring, he likes not having all that excess emotional baggage holding him down.

After reading some upcoming spoilers I know where they're going with this so, if anything this episode was more validation of that.

Memorable Moments of the Episode:

++ Paying homage to X-Files in the opening credits, I give it an A- because they included showing Misha/Castiel but he wasn't in the episode. Boo, mislead. ;___;

While I understand Misha is a regular so it would be mandatory for his name to appear regardless, if anyone's been paying attention this season his name only appears right alongside Jared and Jensen's in the opening credits when he appears in an episode. When he isn't, his name doesn't show up. This is why people were confused because, if anything, showing his name along with his image gave us false hope that he would at least appear once. Same with the misleading of Gabriel, because this is totally his territory.

++ DNW LISA IN THE PREVIOUSLIES, GTFO NOBODY CARES FOR YOU ANYMORE! God! How long are they gonna rehash this? IT'S OVER MOVE THE FUCK ON! /pissedoffface.gif

++ Dean getting all "dude wtf?" when Sam is being openly sarcastic, and Sam is all "y u mad tho?" is major lulz. XD

"Yeah, I don’t wanna know you definition of fine."

++ The fact that Dean has to explain things to Sam like he's teaching a sociopath the right of living amongst other people is kind of disturbing if slightly amusing because of Sam just being nonchalant of his brash, rude and inconsiderate behavior and not really getting it. I loved the witter banter between them in this episode though. Like I said, when there's a Ben Edlund episode there's bound to be amazing dialogue and interactions. And this episode had both, and it was glorious and amusing.

++ Dean shouting out "Close Encounter! Close Encounter!" while running frantically through the corn field had me laughing so hard! It's the same when Sam went to the UFO sighting ground and they were playing the Close Encounters of the Third Kind music, lol!


++ Walking in on your soulless!brother having sex (the girl on top no less) = awkward.... Loved this tough:

Who knew Dean knew such big words? ;p


++ Dude, when Sam was trying to "console" Dean about his issues with him being abducted and everything, did he just awkwardly place his hand on his brother's knee? And Dean is all freaked out because he's like "WTF BRO? DNW DNW DNW!" I know Wincesters were rejoicing at that, but it was just plain awkward. Sam is kind of a creeper when he's trying to be ~~nice~~ -- soulless!Sam should remain snarky and apathetic, perhaps with just a little interest in what's happening but he just looks like such a CREEPER when he tries to be all nice and shit. Or is that just me?

++ The fairy beating Dean up and him roasting her in the microwave was priceless. Of course even more priceless was Dean flailing at explaining it to Sam, and probably realizing just how insane he must sound even to himself. Although I'm loling at the fact that Dean actually got so close to the fairy to tell that it was tiny little women with nipples, lol. Just him retelling that part made me go, "oh Dean" like the old days. XD

++ Sam must have thought Dean was going cuckoo for Coco Puffs when he was saying strange things like seeing people that weren't there, lol.

++ Dean mentioned Smurfs! Hehe.

++ So basically, gnomes make the deals while the sacrificing/disappearing of people (firstborns specifically) were the price? I only watched the episode once and I might have missed something, so cream is what gets them drunk and salt is what distracts them? Seems relatively easy, just with the lulz of the situation of Dean getting abducted, possibly probed and just acting like he's seeing shit everywhere and getting freaked out. Him getting hauled into a police car and being lectured about accepting gays (with the misinterpretation of him saying "fairies") was kind of priceless to witness.

++ I appreciated the ending scene though, they really hadn't done the brotherly-having-a-beer-on-the-side-of-the-road bonding in a long while. Despite Sam not really being himself, soulless and all, just having a scene with them sitting on the Impala sharing a cold one together brings back what could be. ALSO YAY FOR NO MORE ABRUPT ENDINGS!!! \O/

Overall: Yet another filler episode, but it was amusing at had plenty of nice things to offer. Quick, witty banter between the brothers and excellent unabashed sarcastic comments by soulless!Sam, Dean freaking out and getting beat up/probed by fairies, watch workshop repairman that needed fairies to do his dirty work that Gabriel Gray is probably shaking his head at because seriously? Lazy much? Oh, and talking about how to pretend to be human when someone you know is soulless. While there were things I wished happened in this episode that didn't, as I already mentioned above, it was a lighthearted episode that I enjoyed because of he writing aspect. It amused me greatly. Which duh, of course it would, it was written by Ben Edlund and he is practically the master at creating lulzy situations like this. Heh.
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