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Where I gush over Deathly Hallows.

There are tons of scenes I really want to comment about, however the one I was most anticipating was definitely the Malfoy Manor scenes and guys? It was absolutely marvelous and didn't disappoint.

The beginning scene with Voldemort and the Death Eaters sitting at the table in Malfoy Manor was perhaps the best scene, and not just visually at bringing the scene itself to life but with the phenomenal acting. Most notably Jason Isaacs as Lucius Malfoy. I mean seriously, that entire scene when Voldemort had asked him for his wand, with him visibly shaking and his voice squeaking in fear, that was absolutely brilliant I cannot begin to tell you. Of course Jason Isaacs always gushes over the Harry Potter books and of Lucius Malfoy in general, you know how much time and thought he placed into this particular scene and how it should look, and despite Lucius's character we do feel sympathy for him. Especially the moment when Voldemort snaps the snake from his wand and throws it on the table (destroying the epic pimp cane! D:), that was definitely a defining moment with his reaction. The emasculation and humiliation of Lucius Malfoy in front of not only all the rest of the Death Eaters but his wife and son, I just loved how it looked and how it played out and Jason's performance that really made it worthwhile. I mean seriously, nobody else could have pulled that scene off better.

And have I mentioned his stubble? An unkempt and stubbly Lucius Malfoy does strange things to me, a;sjfdjaslfjd.

I need to mention Draco too, because I loved that even though he didn't even say a word during that scene his expressions were heartbreaking. The way he sat at the table and mostly was looking down the entire time, same with Lucius at many points as well, and the moment when Voldemort kills the Hogwarts teacher mercilessly his reaction is just, wow. The terrified shitless expression on his face made me sad. ;___;

Later in the film at Malfoy Manor again, when he has to identify Harry, I just love that entire scene because Lucius is trying to explain to Draco that things can return back to normal for them, for their entire family, and the way he's so desperate and petrified for all their lives is amazing yet heartbreaking. Especially the bit with how he attempts at getting angry about being told what to do in his own house and Narcissa calms him down, knowing that nothing good would come of that now. The fact that none of them wanted this kind of outcome, how scared they all are, and how he and Harry are looking at each other with this "it's a lose-lose situation either way" kind of acknowledgment in fear, just my God. I loved how that was also played out.

Plus when Bellatrix was going apeshit, as usual, you can see that Lucius was protecting Draco in the background. ♥

These interviews are simply adorable, I can't even. ♥

I am forever amazed by all the actors in the Harry Potter franchise, but Jason Isaacs is clearly too cute because he gushes over it. And there's definitely a chemistry and dynamic between Tom and Jason. I absolutely love them, and I really hope that they can work together again in the future.

Seriously though, if anyone out there who hasn't seen Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows GO DO SO NOW. It is absolutely freaking worth it. I'll talk more about other scenes and moments later, but I just had to get my love for the Malfoy stuff out of the way. I love this fucked up dysfunctional family unit of theirs, and everything from Part 1 of the Malfoy Manor scenes were just delightfully amazing I can't even. It makes me yearn for more, hell I wouldn't mind of JK Rowling wrote something detailing that fucked up side of the Wizarding World; the politics and society and how the Malfoys feature into it. That would be marvelous.

But that is wishful thinking, of course. It would be awesome, particularly since I would love more elaboration of the Wizarding World in general, but that could just be me, idk.

*srsly needs some HP/Draco/Lucius icons dammit*
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