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"Can I ride on your broomstick?"

Seriously, I wanna ride your disco broomstick....

I know I mostly post about Misha and his wacky shenanigans, like anyone is complaining about that. However, I cannot neglect my love for Tom Felton. This is from one one of his new photoshoots recently and let me just say, rawwrrrrrr.... *__* Seriously though, sometimes it escapes me that he's just about my age, give just a year younger. I literally grew up with him during the Harry Potter films, and still my crush on the lad is going strong. I cannot help it, okay? Have you seen him lately though, not just with these photoshoots but in real life, sporting some of the scruff? My oh my....

In all honesty I would love to meet Tom in real life and just chill and hang out, because if you've seen some of his interviews you can tell he's just a sweet, charming and simple down-to-earth guy. His appearance on Lopez Tonight had me laughing, but also kind of swooning over him all over again. :D His Twitter is also full of the same kind of awesome down-to-earthness, plus his has a great sense of humor too (and earlier today he had been tweeting back fans who have been tweeting him! He's so awesome). I love it, I love him. ♥

And his singing. Love his singing too.
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