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Deck the halls with boughs of fandom....

Jesus Christ it's December 1st already? Where has this year gone?! O_o

In time for the holidays, fandom never disappoints. hd_holidays just started releasing their challenges which makes me all warm and tingly with Harry/Draco love. Particularly this little comic that was just posted and asf;dlajsfldjksdf. Reviving all my H/D love right there. And I cannot wait for deancas_xmas to also be revealed this year! Oh, not to mention cafe_de_labeill outdid herself yet again with this adorable SPN character!tree. ♥

Warehouse 13 Christmas episode promo stills! Airing next week! \O/ Look at my bb Claudia, decking it out for the holidays. Of course she would.

Canada aired the last episode of Caprica yesterday. I haven't watched any of 1.5 yet but still, I has a sad. ;__; FUCK YOU SYFY AND YOUR STUPIDITY.

Gonna be seeing Deathly Hallows again! \O/\O/\O/

My mother is on Orlando right now, and she just went to the Wizarding World of Harry Potter. Without me! ;__; I am uber jealous right now, however she called and told me what she saw which I was giddy the entire time, asking her questions and stuff. The only downside she said was how super packed it is, there's hardly any kind of space because there are lines to get into the stores. Which is to be expected, but still. She's getting us souvenirs though, will find out what they are when she gets back, and promises the next time we'll all go together. I love my mom, you guys. Seriously.
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