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01. CASTIEL IS SITTING ON DEAN'S BED IN THE BEGINNING. So obviously, this is definitely their "after sexytiems" post-coital moment in discussing some serious business. Very reminiscent to how Cas was perched on the edge of his bed back in 4.03 if I recall. But this is more connected to their ~profound bond~, of course, which makes me kinda happy. ♥

02. Remember what I talked about earlier? Seems like Castiel is making the same predictions as well about Lucifer and Michael and Sam down in the cage and possibly fighting things out. Although it makes me wonder how Castiel knows that's what's happening down there, and also, he mentions them being down in the cage "for a year". Isn't time in Hell different, or does that not apply to Lucifer's cage? Or is the show retconning yet again?

03. ALSO, Y U NO MENTION ADAM GODDAMMIT?!?!?! HE FELL IN THE CAGE TOO YOU KNOW. Someone pointed out that Adam could have been returned to Heaven once Michael took over, however I highly doubt that's how the rules work when taking a vessel. And even if that were the case, they should at least mention him at some point, he was an unfortunate victim of all of this too and deserves recognition for all he'd done and sacrificed.

04. Ummmm, do I wanna know what "mutilated thing" they wanna shove down Sam's throat? It sounds incredibly disturbing..... O_o

In the general sense I've been feeling rather indifferent about the show lately, for obvious reasons everyone probably already knows, in spite of my reviews and metas and questions revolving around certain subjects. My love for the characters/actors hasn't really changed, just the direction the show has been taking and what has left me feeling unimpressed/frustrated with the structure and story so far. I think I'm more looking forward to the second half of the season rather than this half because it will be dealing with my bb Castiel and the angel mytharc a lot more because hey, angelical civil war? How awesome is that? :D Let's just hope they actually get to it instead of it being only background noise, though I'm surprisingly optimistic that there will be something happening on that front down the line. I also read some semi-spoilers of what might be happening in episode 6.11 and it makes me excitedly anxious which I haven't felt in some time, but I'll post about that later.

I still maintain the idea that they should have just done a televised movie to wrap up the Winchester story and done a spin-off with Castiel and the angels, since it seems more logical and would have made all sides happy, but whatever.


♥ ♥ ♥
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