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"I have seen your heart, and it is mine."

In a way of distracting myself as fandom is turning into a complete trainwreck right now, I had went to see Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows for a second time in two weeks last night, as I plan on going multiple times again. Naturally, of course. It's Harry freaking Potter.

Overall, let me just say that Deathly Hallows is like the Battlestar Galactica version of the Harry Potter series. Anyone who has read the books knows precisely what I mean, and part one really translates well in giving us that perfect atmosphere that is completely different from any other HP film people have seen. Nowhere is safe, always on the move, the constant feel of being watching, looking over one's shoulder; tensions are high in this film and it's precisely the same feeling one would get watching a BSG episode. So it's kind of amusing to me hearing some adults gasping going, "it's so much darker!" because it's always gotten darker with each book in the series, this is no exception because the stakes are higher, more things are at risk and absolutely terrifyingly real, which what makes the story epic in the first place.

The Trio: Harry, Ron and Hermione

I was thoroughly impressed by this entire lot the whole time. It's unbelievable to go back ten years ago and see these kids as the wee ones they were back in Sorcerer's Stone to everything they've gone through and where they are now. Daniel, Emma and Rupert might not be everyone's vision of what the main characters should be like, but they've done a hell of a good job portraying the characters from the books onto the screen. Deathly Hallows really shows their friendships at their strongest, whether working together or confronting each other.

My favorite part is witnessing the changes of each other not just emotionally but physically as they are on the run. Harry and Ron both growing some stubble, Harry's hair had gotten longer (liked that they had Hermione attempting to cut it), there were definite shadows and bags underneath Ron's eyes, they looked haggard and exhausted and fed up thus the entire confrontation between Ron and Harry was fantastically done. I might not be the biggest fan of Ron Weasley myself, but I felt it was understandable given the circumstances and how they showed him being a mixture of frustratedly anxious, tired, jealous and irrationally angry all at once and just not wanting to sit around any longer. As much as Ron always seems to act like that, which at times I find incredibly annoying, after everything it's kind of understandable and given that this is war and they haven't had any luck with the found Horcrux, his reactions are somewhat justified.

However I want to mention the absolutely amazing scenes between Harry and Hermione because I really adored them. I've always loved them and they really did their growing friendship justice in how much Harry and Hermione trust one another and are always there for each other regardless. Their scenes I found were the best because it's like they really clicked, which is what I always found between Daniel and Emma in the movies. There's a natural chemistry between them that's undeniable and seeing them in this film really solidified that chemistry even more.

THE DANCING SCENE. I absolutely fucking adored every second of it.

I know fandom will be divided by this, some thinking it's unnecessary and pointless and how it's just a justification for Harry/Hermione shippers or whatever else. I, on the other hand, thought it was the sweetest moment between them because it's about Harry trying to comfort and cheer Hermione up. In the most dorkiest way possible. Which is so completely Harry in certain ways, particularly when he started hilariously trying to dance to the music and Hermione was smiling. I found it something that friends do to cheer each other up, and it was a touching moment between the two in the midst of all this tension happening throughout the film, and after everything I felt like they both needed some kind of downtime just for a moment, you know?

So, haters are gonna hate, but I loved it. ♥

Malfoy Manor Scenes

I already discussed at length my absolute love for what was show of the Malfoy family, Draco and Lucius respectively and how well they were portrayed. I cannot stress enough the genius that Jason Isaacs did in his performance, it's the subtly of it and it makes you appreciate his acting as well as the character even more. Same with Draco in the minimal scenes he was in too, his facial expressions to what is happening are pure gold.

I adored the Death Eater meeting in the beginning from when Snape enters the Malfoy Manor to when Voldemort kills the Hogwarts professor, it was disturbing on so many levels since it really shows you the kind of horrendous deeds Voldemort is will to do without warning and without mercy, even to their own kind. And the confrontation later in the film was also fantastically done as well. Everything about the Malfoy Manor was so perfect and nearly flawless that I am just giddy with how it was all done. When Bellatrix tortured Hermione that was nearly brutal, just the screams alone will haunt you. And seeing the fact that Bellatrix carved "MUDBLOOD" into her arm was just horrific as well, my God. Emma Watson deserves an award for that moment alone because that was simply well done, disturbing and heart-wrenching, but well done nonetheless. Then there was Dobby, which was the thing that really got me tearing up because the words of DOBBY IS A FREE ELF! and I started getting nostalgic because poor Dobby. ;___; I did like the ending with Dobby saying that he was happy to be with friends in a beautiful place, despite the tears and sadness it was a bittersweet moment. God, and when Harry was begging for Hermione to help, for something, and we know that there's nothing that could be done. It was like, where is the hope, where is the safety anymore? Characters are dying left and right. Hence why I say this is similar in Battlestar Galactica fashion because people you know and knew for the longest time are dying, so you know shit has gotten real whether you like it to or not.

Other favorite parts that need mentioning:

++ Was it just me or did Xenophilius Lovegood look kinda attractive to any of you? Because I kept thinking he was quite good-looking.

++ The story of the Three Brothers and revealing the Deathly Hallows was done absolutely perfectly. The animation was beyond gorgeous and just simply breathtaking, they did fantastically with that and even going back for a second time I am still in wonderment and awe of it.

++ Bellatrix continues to be fabulously craycray.

++ The Ministry of Magic scenes were also wonderfully done, and kind of scary even because it really shows just how fucked up their entire society really truly is. Even for people who haven't read the books it's absolutely clear the abhorrence some of the wizards there have for anything Muggle-related. I find that aspect of the books to be intriguing and I am morbidly fascinated by it in general.

++ As I mentioned I loved the trio scenes together, with the walking and them camping out while on the run, but I also have to mention the beautiful scenery they used while filming. The locations were phenomenal, from isolated landscape places to when they were wandering around abandoned trailer parks and other places. Really giving us a good look at how their world has changed and the threat levels on both the Wizarding and Muggle worlds. Loved the radio talks too throughout that entire montage, giving us a chance to hear the desperation of these dark times.

++ At Fleur and Bill's wedding, Fleur was wearing an Alexander McQueen dress. GET IT GURL. ♥

++ I cried when Harry was at his parents grave. I'm sorry, but dammit seeing their grave in the place that they'd died must have been such a weight on his heart all this time. My own heart ached for Harry in that moment. And I'm happy that Hermione was there too, giving him comfort the same as he'd done for her just previously.


++ Everyone is mentioning Scabior and I have to say, I absolutely agree. The actor who played him was absolutely fucking fantastic and also kinda attractive as well. THE MENS IN THIS FILM WERE ROCKING IT, I AM SORRY BUT IT IS TRUE. LUCIUS MALFOY WITH HIS SCRUFF AND RAGGED LOOK (which works for you, Lucius bb, don't let that go m'kay?) AND THEN XENOPHILIUS NOW SCABIOR. UNFUNFUNF ALL AROUND.


There are other things I probably am forgetting the mention. But it's a fantastic film so if I am it's because I'm still on a high from how amazingly perfect it really is, which yes, I highly recommend it to anyone who hasn't already seen it. You won't be disappointed.

Out of everything though, my entire wish for Part 2 is that they clearly show the humanizing of the Malfoys. I've never been one for being incredibly nitpicky over the film adaptations like others have been, since I have loved both the books and the films for what they are, however this is the one thing I hope they do perfectly and with justice to how it's all described in the book. Same with everything involving Snape, too. Those are the things I want done absolutely perfectly, without question.
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