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Whee! VMars

Exactly how much do I simply adore Television Without Pity? Let me put it this way, my love for TWP is about ten times larger than the Kane Estate -- probably wider than the Echolls and Kane range of property combined.

The snarkiness and witticisms are phenomenally hilarious, and it's specifically fun to witness in the Veronica Mars fandom. And TWP isn't known for excessively finding a likeable show so quick within a single season -- at least, not from what I've seen. Their top-notch wittiness are something cruel towards certain shows, and they've been also well-known to slam several of them. Veronica Mars, fortunately, hasn't been a disappointment to them so far. In fact, after the season ended, the boards are still heating up with speculations about the certain "mystery" that's been revealed (and yes, still haven't finished the series myself -- I'm horrible, yes, but since I haven't found a viewable copy on my computer I cannot access the remaining episodes that I haven't seen).

They absolutely love Veronica Mars, not only the character but the show in general. I don't blame them. The show is amazingly structured with its storylines and character developments, and the camera direction and movements are very stunning, as well as the lighting. Oh, and did I mention it's fucking awesome? Because dude -- VMars is definitely top-notch television.

Just finished watching episode 1.08 "Like a Virgin" this jaw literally dropped. Of course, I kinda knew the speculation about the red-herring subtext in previous episodes but, dude! Was I the only one crying along with Veronica at the very end? I wanted to jump through my computer screen and hug her! Seriously, the acting was superb and, Abel Koontz? Creey as fucking hell.

Oh, and Kristen Bell. Wonderfully talented and seriously adorable, and extremely gorgeous as the series continues.
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