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"If the apocalypse comes, beep me!"

No Whedon, No Buffy: Boycotting New Buffy Reboot Movie Petition, which is essentially every single Whedonite and BTVS fan who finds even the consideration of a reboot appalling and utterly blasphemous (as we all should). Needs about 10,000 signatures, and already it's been skyrocketing and almost at that mark so, make it happen people!

In all honesty, since Joss has moved away from television, I feel like if there is a need for other Slayer-like females (or female empowering roles in general) in the industry that aren't the Buffster, they should focus on having Joss make a movie based on the spin-off comic series Fray. I mean come on, a futuristic Slayer that alludes a little from the series, but enough to be a stand-alone and create its own universe and world for newcomers? It's the perfect setup for yet another amazing Joss Whedon creation!

I'm just frustrated on his behalf since these people keep wanting to screw him over time and time again with his works. It's so fundamentally unfair, this business. *sighs*

Also, I heard a rumor that Heather Morris, of Glee fame, has been considered to play the new Buffy in the reboot. Thoughts on this? Anyone? Bueller?
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