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It's starting to look a lot like Christmas...

It's almost Christmas. When did that happen? Holy shit. O_o It doesn't feel like it at all. Nevertheless, it doesn't damper my holiday spirit. Decorations are all up, there was a hilarious incident with trying to bake some gingerbread cookies, plans already made for Christmas festivities, and despite not having any snow (since we poor folks in the Valley don't get snow) it's been raining and will continue to rain throughout the week. All is good.

I do have an announcement though regarding Christmas cards. Unfortunately sending them early this year didn't go as planned, because I've been so sidetracked lately with things happening IRL, including getting mildly sick. I will be sending them out tomorrow so they will be late for some of you guys, esp those overseas. :( But hey, getting them is better than not, right?

Speaking of which, I have received cards so far from: oddlyfamiliar, cassiopeia7, wordsleadmeon, gwaevalarin (with the cute little angel-wing postcard and beautiful message! ♥), isarae (yours is adorable too, because you sent two and the stickers were cute!), icecoldrain and carameltrap!

THANK YOU ALL SO MUCH! ♥ Seriously, getting snail-mail, whether cards or otherwise, always makes me smile. And from online friends, idk what it is, but it makes me all warm and fuzzy inside. :D
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