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With the good, there has to be the bad.

So, I heard that Syfy canceled Stargate Universe recently. I admit I didn't watch the show and had heard certain...things about it from others that prompted me to not really bother with it, including that one bullshit wankery that happened with one of the creators of the show, but I know some people did watch and enjoyed it so believe me, I understand that hearing a show you've been watching has been abruptly canceled is a crushing and devastating feeling. Hell, even the actors discovered this news via Twitter, not even an official announcement or anything. It makes matters more lower than low because of it. :( First with Caprica and now with Stargate Universe, this has gotten me thinking and wondering: has the Syfy Network turned into the new FOX?

Both shows were continuations of their most successful franchises, and the network even stated that they were behind them because of that, and yet they pull shitty stunts like this. I had gotten the impression that Syfy was different in that they cared more about fan reactions than they did ratings, or at least not set high expectations for ratings like other networks do. It seems like I had been deluding myself. I know its the nature of the business, but it seems rather shady to me. Canceling two extensions of particular franchises is not the greatest way of making good with their viewers, just saying.

At least certain shows like Eureka, Warehouse 13 and Haven have been in good graces. Let's just hope it remains that way. Still, I'm not entirely pleased with the Syfy Network these days because of their shitty operations, since they're replacing these canceled shows with motherfucking wrestling. Like, whut? :/

On top of that there's also been certain wanking and anger-filled drama happening in certain communities I'm associated with, some in particular have resulted into victim-blaming and shaming of women and those people not even acknowledging or understanding the offensiveness of their comments. Or if they do, they justify it with an "oh I'm just stating my opinion" excuse and failing to have any kind of empathy whatsoever. It's despicable and disgusting and just, ugh. STOP IT WORLD, JUST STOP.
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