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13 June 2005 @ 03:36 pm
The verdict is in  
Michael Jackson free from all charges; founded not guilty.

Thank God. I'm happy for him, really. Although I'm not entirely a huge fanatic of his -- have liked several of his songs, past and present -- there was absolutely no doubt in my mind that he was going to be freed of all charges. There was no strong physical evidence against him with the molestation accusations. So they found pornographic material at his home. So what? Any normal testosterone-filled male all over America has pornographic material about their houses, including married ones. In my opinion, Michael's no different than any other male. His has his kinks -- and it's certainly not hurting children in any way, shape, or form. And no, I haven't been brainwashed either to believe that he's an innocent man.

People may be squirked by him, irked by his appearance and oddities, and I have to agree that he's an eccentric individual that's been deprived of childlike fun during his childhood as a star, but seriously, did people actually believe the jury was the convict him? This was similar to the acclaimed charges against Arnold Schwarzenegger when he was running for California govenor, about those women accusing Arnold of gropping them inappropriately. There's absolutely no way Jackson was going to get placed in prison for something these poor families are accusing him of. In all honesty, I believe these mothers complaining and accusing Jackson of molesting their children are horrible parents, in my opinion. They're just moneywhoring mothers wanting some extra cash (when in reality, they're popular for scamming others for money as well).

Another case solved, another person is freed. Yay on Jackson for being proved his innocence. I know some people aren't particularly thrilled about this news, but I stand by my opinion. I believe Jackson is innocent. Oddball as he may be, I believe in his words: he would never, in his lifetime, hurt or injure a living child. Ever.

Be thankful we live in America, where you can get a fair trial without getting wrongfully convicted for a crime you didn't commit. Did Jackson molest these children? Who knows -- you and I weren't there, those jurors weren't there. Just thank God that here, in America, you can get a fair trial unlike Third World countries that chop off your head if you're even accused of doing something illegal. You may not personally like Jackson, but is placing him in jail really necessary? He doesn't deserve 25 to life for something that he may or may not have committed. Sure, he needs psychological help, but is he really a criminal? Think about that America and all those that are disappointed and disgusted with the verdict. There are more dangers in the world than the Jackson case. Try the mother who drowned and cut off the arms of her 6-year-old because she believed she was a demon, and God told her to kill her child. Or the 12-year-old prostitues and having trickbabies, or kids dropping out of school to snore crack in the back alleys of their neighborhoods. That, my fellow Americans, is the real disgust here. Not Jackson.

Edit: Nancy Grace, can I have another serving of your bullshit please? Because honestly, "not guilty by Celebrity" isn't enough to really admit the fact that, perhaps, the jury does find him innocent without the raging fanatics outside the courtroom. There wasn't solid evidence to convict him, the parents should've known better than to let their children sleep in the same bed with a grown man, and the jurors made their final decision. Just because you didn't get your way, Nancy, doesn't mean your sarcasm is going to change this fact. Jackson won, you lost, get over it.

Edit 2: The media isn't the issue; the fans aren't the issue. The jurors had a specific job to do and they took it seriously. I agree with the woman on the jury -- the parents are more responible and more to blame than Jackson himself. They were in it for the money, and what better way to get easy money than to frame a famous celebrity? Common sense, people. Common sense. Media or not, this case is officially CLOSED. Move onto something else, people. Sheesh.
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Tarataradiane on June 13th, 2005 11:02 pm (UTC)
Any grown man who lets young children who are not his own sleep in his bed - which he himself admits - is not normal, and I sure as hell would never leave him alone with my children. Even the jurors said as much about any man - period. Not just Jackson.
Renéerogueslayer452 on June 13th, 2005 11:28 pm (UTC)
True, Jackson might be normal and certainly has some psychological issues, but I don't fully believe he's capable of hurting a child in the way some of the parents were telling the jury. Although I do agree with you, I wouldn't want my children hanging around all alone with Jackson, or any man with the same psychological patterns for that matter. I'm with you there. In general, though, I believe in his innocence...even if the majority of people around me don't, I do. I just think he needs to desperately see a therapist, is all.