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Pretty Little Liars: "Moments Later" Episode Review

Pretty Little Liars 1.11 "Moments Later"

This was an excellent pick-up from where the show left off before the hiatus. The tension is still high, the questions still keep piling up, and the drama. Oh Lord, the drama. Gotta love it.

Seeing Hanna in the hospital was kind of heartbreaking, especially with the cast and knowing that she had broken bones and that she had surgery done because of the internal damage from the hit-and-run. D: My poor Hanna! But she'll be okay, making a full recovery. I kinda knew that she wouldn't know for sure who A was supposed to have been, just what she witnessed that night, though it does raise some interesting questions about why A ran her over in the first place if she "knew too much"; how much were they supposed to know? It's this whirlwind of questions regarding motivation. But, I loved the dream sequence she had with Allison.

Though the incident with Lucas was pretty sad. Some people think he overreacted to her being honest about just staying friends, but I think we've all been in the position of having our hearts crushed by someone who didn't reciprocate the same feelings back. So, yeah. :/

I might be the only one here, but I've never been into the entire Aria/Ezra relationship. The whole student-teacher secret romance thing could have been done right, and believe me it's one of my kinks, but for some reason this particular one doesn't do it for me. I don't know. Perhaps it's in the way it presented itself that didn't grip me like it did with others. I just keep wishing that they would finally be done with whatever and just move on from that, you know?

However, I think the most emotional high point of this episode was definitely what happened with Emily and her parents.

She finally came out to them, well to her father specifically, and things just exploded. I knew she said her parents were old-fashioned military types but I didn't expect the mother to be such a judgmental bitch about it. The father is the most rational of the two though, because he seems to be more understanding and trying to figure things out about his daughter whereas with his wife who is all "we can fix her!" I like the father because he loves his little girl and wants what's best for her, and this is definitely a huge thing to be revealed at him, but I loved what he said regarding what he's seen when he's been out there on the battlefield. The fact that Emily is alive and safe is all that should matter, and I just hope that sensibility goes to the mother at some point. This really sets a realistic example at how some parents might take their kids coming out of the closet, questioning and trying to make sense of it, not wanting it to be true, etc. It's painful to watch at how it was handled by the parents, but I'm happy that Emily told them. That's the biggest step.

I just want Emily to really defend herself here, too. Just hearing her admit that she was frightened of her parents made me incredibly sad inside. :( But I know many people who cannot tell their parents something as important as this because of the blowup that'll happen, just like Emily's parents did. I want her to go to them and be all "you want me to be happy, right? I'm happy being with Maya, just accept that."

The ending was totally freaky. Anything involving A's messages are creepifying to the max, and knowing whoever is sending them was in your room while you were sleeping? *shudders*

Jenna is one creepy bitch. I'm glad Emily had the balls to say what she did to her.

I'm glad that Mona apologized to Hanna and felt guilty. She might not be the nicest or the saintliest person ever, but she did feel bad about what happened to Hanna and now things are cool between them. That's a step up, at least.

Was I the only one envious of Aria's hair throughout the entire episode? Hell, everyone's hair is so fucking gorgeous.

I couldn't believe that A (or whoever is working with A) actually cut down an entire tree just to hide the evidence of the names carved into it. Like, holy shit.

I'm suspicious of Noel and Ian, and somewhat of Lucas too because of what happened earlier in the season with his muddy shoes and all. I don't know. This show has it's dramatic moments and friendship moments, though the mysteries really give you a mind-whirl sometimes.

This show, you guys. This show I swear. ♥
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