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V: "Red Rain" Season Premiere Episode Review

V 2.01 "Red Rain"

From the aftermath of what happened in the first season finale, with Anna having experienced her first wave of human emotion after discovering her eggs, her children, had been destroyed, she hastily unleashed the Red Sky which has now been plaguing the world for several days. With no control to the humans since it happened, the people begin to think that the Visitors aren't what they appear to be and start rallying against them. Though, thanks to Erica Evans and her brave attempt to talk with Anna about what is happening and why the people need answers, she gives them just that. However Erica knows better, and knows that it's another ploy against the humans disguised as something good for their environment, and returns to the Fifth Column and gets to work.

I felt like this premiere episode was very good, and nicely setting up for what is to come for the rest of the season (which I hear is only have ten episodes? Or eleven? It had been announced it was lessened some time ago which makes me think bad things, but we'll see) The Red Rain being something that is going to fundamentally change their planet and, eventually, change the humans with the added phosphorous which could become a new breeding ground for the Visitors.

Erica having already been injected with phosphorous many years ago would be such a twist, considering the reveal that Tyler's father isn't his biological father. Hmmmm.

I felt so horrible for Ryan in this episode, all he wants to do is protect his baby daughter from the Visitors but is rather helpless when he's released back onto Earth and can never go back onto the mothership, not without being killed immediately on the spot. I think with any parent who has their child taken from them, they would do whatever it takes to get them back. Ryan is on the verge of taking things far too personal against the Visitors instead of being strategic and levelheaded about the Fifth Column's plans. It must be entirely heartbreaking, and it makes me wonder what lengths he's willing to go, and if he's willing to risk the exposure or lives of the rest of the Fifth Column.

Can I just gush over Morena Baccarin for a moment? She's just so perfect as Anna in this show, so cold and calculated with her own kind and perfectly manipluative and convincing to the entire human race, it's a great mixture of everything combined of her performance. Especially now with more challenges on her plate because....


Despite having to prove otherwise to the rest of the ships commanders, mainly to protect herself from being thrown off the throne as Queen by reassuring them that she's still capable of doing her job, there are those small little moments where you know that she still holds onto those feelings about what happened to her children. The ones having survived the blast however are weakened and flawed were being held in a room and, seeing Anna going to one and holding its hand? Emotion, right there, and immediately drew it back once her councilor entered the room. And when she exterminated them knowing that they would be flawed regardless, and that they wouldn't be effective soldiers, upon leaving the room her face distorted into an expression of utter pain. Emotional anguish that she shouldn't be possessing, yet still is.

I love that because it shows that Anna is clearly still being affected by humans. Now the question is whether it is contributed by the skin they wear or whether it's by their extended stay with humans. Anna has had lots of human interaction during the months they have been on Earth, with various people. The question remains how much can she be affected by, and why, and how long it's gonna last? When appearing to her mother at the very end is she going to ask for advice about to destroy those feelings? It'll be very interesting to watch how this goes down.

Still, Morena Baccarin? I love you and continue being the HBIC that you are on this show. ♥ ♥ ♥

I also loved that Lisa is now working as a double agent for the Fifth Column, and that she probably considered Erica to be a surrogate mother and friendly ally than anything else. I like seeing that within her, and knowing that she can go to Erica, with her feelings and human emotions and knowing what is right and wrong with what is happening. I heard that the two kids are going to be switching sides, Lisa is going to be siding with Erica while Tyler is going to be mostly with Anna, and this will definitely set a conflict of interests for all of them. I can't wait.

Overall, I enjoyed the episode. From the horrific dream sequence in the beginning to the very end with the reveal of Anna's mother, who happens to be played by Jane Badler who was on the original V series back in the day! Awesome show, more people need to be watching, I swear.

Oh, and seeing the Visitors true lizard form? AWESOME UPON AWESOMENESS! Freaky, but still awesome nonetheless. I AM EXCITE FOR THIS SEASON! \O/\O/

I need to get me some V icons, or more specifically some of Morena Baccarin because HBIC is fierce, yo. ♥
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