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That's immortality, my darlings.

There's something I noticed about the premiere of Pretty Little Liars that is quite interesting, and kinda freaky:

A.) I do the exact same thing sometimes when there's an inanimate object with its eyes just looking at me somewhere. It's like OMGOSH STOP STARING AT ME. lol

B.) I honestly believe that there's a recording device somewhere in that bear. There's just something creepy about it just being there, its eyes looking at you and knowing A's particular schemes of hiding/knowing what is happening with the girls, this is the perfect intrusive way of getting to know more secrets and their plans, what they talk about, etc, without them knowing and throwing them for a loop. D: As if the signature message on Hanna's cast wasn't creepy enough....

There are several challenges I've seen over on Tumblr that I thought about doing, some that are fandom-related and some that aren't, which will give a more variety and switching things up here like I mentioned previously. Some of them look like fun, others very thought-provoking and interesting and a neat way of getting to know me better than just on a fannish level. if ya know what I mean, bbs, oh yeah. ;p Oh, there's also that SPN 30 day challenge going around, I thought about doing that as well because, well, everyone knows that I have opinions on that show. It would give me a chance to elaborate on them and such.

Speaking of Tumblr, what the fuck is up with their tagging system? It's all screwed up. How am I going to search for random awesome shit there now? *sadface*

Apparently The Cape premieres tonight on NBC. I totally didn't realize it was tonight! I WANNA SEE MY BB SUMMER GLAU KICKING SOME ASS ON MY SCREEN AGAIN! \O/
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