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Pretty Little Liars: "Salt Meets Wound" Episode Review

Pretty Little Liars 1.12 "Salt Meets Wound"

Hanna is home from the hospital, managing herself temporarily in a wheelchair as she continues to recover to full health, however discovers her mother's stolen cash and confronts her about it. Aria talks to Ezra Fitz regarding Noel and reassures him that things are gonna be okay, however a visit from Noel says otherwise as he tries to blackmail Fitz through his own grades in class. Aria confronts Noel about this but he spins his own tale, making himself look incredibly shady in the process. Spencer and Alex spend more time together, but after a talk about Alex's future resorts to an anonymous e-mail of sending him to a career that he said he wasn't interested in pursuing, pointing the finger at Spencer for sending it since she is the only one that he told. Emily invites Maya over for dinner with her parents, her father gets along rather well while Emily's mother is struggling with accepting or being comfortable with her daughter being gay. Mona makes a surprise party for Hanna to get her socializing again, however it proves to be lackluster when Lucas crashes and creates a small ruckus, Noel is around being creepy and the girls eying him the entire time, and afterwards it is discovered that the money Hanna's mother stole has now been taken.

This episode provided more questions than it did answers, of course with any episode with this show there are always new questions and suspicions to be had instead of answers. But plenty of speculations and theories regarding who is behind all this.

Noel is definitely suspicious because his behavior, along with the flashback, is rather telling that he could certainly have some kind of grudge against the girls because of their association with Alison. He acts completely charming but that's just a facade. He's shady and is hiding something. I'm glad that Aria is staying clear from him now, and I kinda wanted to punch him for suggesting that Ezra was lying to her. I might not like the Aria and Ezra relationship myself but, seriously, that was just low and skeevy for him to do. He definitely has other motives and that's not to protect Aria, that's for sure. I used to be somewhat skeptical about Lucas for a time, but it seems less likely it's him because of the confession he made about destroying Alison's memorial. It appears he just holds resentment against Alison and him teasing her and perhaps being around Hanna brings up those memories. I felt kinda bad for him in this episode, to be honest. He was acting like a jerk yeah, but with him openly admitting why and his last statement to Hanna was kind of heartbreaking. "Don't make me like you," you could tell it was tearing him up to say that. It's still uncertain whether he may be part of it, but I highly doubt so now. :(

I'm still wary about Jenna, though. In all honesty I don't really think she's blind, or she had been but somehow had been fixed and is pretending to be. Hey, it's a theory because who would suspect the blind girl who had been in a serious accident, right? Also Ian, that's still up in the air. There is something about the way he acts and the connection between the cabin and what happened to Alison when she returned right before she had disappeared. So I don't know.

Now here's the question: How does A know all the things that the others do, even when they are alone? How could A have known about Alex's plans unless it was someone who had been around them, watching them when they were discussing it outside of the school? How could they have known about Hanna's mother's stolen stash and steal it demanding the kind of attentive action from Hanna? I still think there is a bug or device hidden somewhere, either the bear (either the teddy bear or panda bear as seen in this episode) or somewhere else.

I also was scared for Hanna near the end of the episode. Being hunted by an unknown person harassing and stalking you while in a wheelchair is definitely a scary concept. D:

As far as the episode goes, there was definitely wounds having salt poured onto them for many of our main characters and their involvement with others and not being able to outright confront the issues then and there. However I felt kind of disappointment in the parents of this episode.

Hanna's mother knowingly stole the money and, while Hanna didn't throw the party herself, it seemed like she was unintentionally blaming Hanna for it being stolen. Even though it is her responsibility because it really was her own fault for stealing it in the first place, though understandably because anyone can do anything in deep desperation. However, I felt like she was brushing Hanna off coldly or simply ignoring her. Perhaps that is her coping mechanism. I just felt horrible for Hanna. Then there's Emily's mother, who I knew wouldn't be as accepting as the father was during dinner, but her words to her at the end? It's like, that's the worst thing to say. But at least she was honest?

In spite of that, I like how real they're making the situation, of parents dealing with their children being gay. There are those that aren't accepting, and will continue to think it as disgusting or make them sick, and probably that will never change. That's the painful reality for many, unfortunately. I like that they're showing the turmoil of the family during this rift. I just hope that it will work out somehow in the end, that even if the mother's feelings won't change she can at least let her daughter be happy. *crosses fingers*

So yeah. That's all I have to say right now. I'm more concerned with the WHO IN THE HELL IS A?!?! because it's seriously driving me nuts. But in a good way.

ETA: Oh, and someone pointed this out when I was looking at other reviews from the episode: when Noel was blackmailing Mr. Fitz, he changed his grade from a C to an A. Foreshadowing perhaps? Idk.

For anyone that has read the books and watch the show, what books are being covered this season? Will the seasons be in book order or are all the books going to be featured in this one season? Because I'm kind of wanting to pick the books up even though I wanna finish the show and not get spoiled, or get spoiled and see how the show differs from them entirely.
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