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30 Days of Supernatural: Day One

Starting this meme since I've been wanting to do it for a while, and seeing several posts on my flist kind of motivated me to finally get to it.

Day 1: Your favorite character

Aren't I predictable? ;p

What's interesting is that I never played favorites on this show before Castiel appeared. Sure, I watched the show before and enjoyed it for the entertainment it brought and I liked the dynamic between the Winchesters, and yes I admit to have leaned more towards Dean than Sam. However with Castiel there's a different level of degree in my love for him. I've never been this emotionally invested with a character as I have been with him, especially for an extended period of time. From the moment his character appeared and we got more of his background, his involvement, his character development and growth all through the fourth season, it was clear that this wasn't just another recurring character on the show. We were becoming personally invested with his story and his relationship with Dean and how they meshed together, and his journey and the way his presence is on the screen, thanks to the fantabulousness of Misha Collins, the mixture of his vulnerability and badassery, his social ineptness and learning of humanity while going through the motions. Just, yeah. So in other words yes, Castiel is my favorite character on the entire show, by far. ♥ Seriously, I can gush about him forever if I could. Heh. ;)

And since he's my favorite and I love him so dearly, I kinda get sort of protective and defensive of him, particularly where the show is concerned. If there's any mistreatment of his character through the direction or writing I will raise some hell (and have, with how this season has been going lately). Do whatever else you want to the show, but mess with my Cas? You better watch out, because I'm gonna be cutting some bitches.

Rest of the 30 Days of Supernatural Challenge.
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