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V: "Serpent's Tooth" Episode Review

V 2.02 "Serpent's Tooth"

I think what intrigued me most about this episode in general was the interaction between Anna and her mother, or more specifically the chemistry between Morena Baccarin and Jane Badler which was sizzling on the screen. Two wonderful actresses just soaking it all in. This show is definitely about mothers and their children, not just with Erica and Tyler versus Anna and Lisa, but also Anna and her own mother as well. It's a very nice dynamic to have on this kind of a show and it leaves much room of understanding where both sides are coming from. I loved the contrast between Anna and her mother, and how much Anna is trying to resist becoming like her mother. I suspect when rising into power underneath her mother's wing, Anna realized that feeling emotion messes with being an effective Queen and took over. Now she's in the beginning stages of experiencing emotion herself and wants to eliminate anything to do with it, including any future signs of emotion in other Vs.

The discussion of the soul is rather fascinating on this show (and way better explained than on say, Supernatural) It's kind of how I see what the soul truly is, as well. It's beyond any measure of comprehension.

I actually think that while finding out what the soul is Anna is going to discover more emotions rather than destroy them, which is probably her mother's hopes anyway. To understand what the soul is one has to experience having those emotions and feelings, and once that happens I think Anna will change her mind completely with her plans. Already she's experiencing some of them. It'll just expand the more and more she continues to live with whatever she's feeling right now.

I felt horrible for Ryan because Anna has his daughter and she is using her to manipulate him into doing whatever she wants. Manipulating by playing on his emotions. This will either end up horribly for the Fifth Column or backfire depending on how it's dealt with.


I knew sooner or later that Erica was going to find out Tory her new partner was a Cylon Visitor, though I didn't expect it to end like that and it makes me incredibly anxious on what is gonna happen now since we left it on a cliffhanger on what happened after the car accident. I will say though, the entire suicide bombers thing was intriguing and I hope they do find more people to recruit because while I love the four of them (five if you count the new recruited young scientist) working together they definitely need more firepower and support by other Fifth Column members.

I'm loving Lisa more and more. I can't wait for her involvement this season with her being a spy for the Fifth Column and going against her mother.

That last scene with Anna's mother going "tick tock...tick tock" was chilling in a fascinating manner. Jane Badler knows how to give a fine performance no matter what. ♥ I hope she sticks around for the duration of the season, and that she and Erica actually meet at some point. I think having her and Lisa pitted against Anna would be an interesting thing for her to discover.

Did anyone else know that Morena Baccarin has a Twitter now? She's too adorable, especially since she chats with Jewel and Nathan and it's like a whole family of love there. I swear, there are certain celebrities that are just as cute on their Twitters as they are IRL, or even some that convert you because of their random tweets. Seriously you guys, it's things like this that make me consider getting an account because I would have them tweeting adorable things constantly. I just wanna smish them forever. ♥
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