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Late Night Musings

There's repercussions after watching the Food Channel for countless hours -- I can bake and cook, and sometimes microwave certain things, but damn! There is delicious meals on that channel that is unbelievably impossible for this gal to even create with the creativity gene she has inevitably inherited from the maternal side of the family. Also, I really like Rachel Ray and her enthusiastic personality.

Of course, nothing beats the chocolate marathon they had celebrating one thing: chocolate and everything chocolate. There's incredible amounts of things to make with chocolate, the creativity that makes food so beautiful to consume. Oh, and I also want that chocolate fountain.

After watching (and rewatching) the Veronica Mars episode "An Echolls Family Christmas", there's only several things I'd like to say about it:

1. Logan, Duncan, and Weevil playing poker together inside the Echolls huge mansion. Priceless.

2. Veronica and Logan interacting civilly? Something you'd never suspected after Logan's psychotic jackass personality in the very beginning of the series -- that's what I love about his character, though. He's in development. After all, his father's a complete dickwad after watching the "quality time" between him and Logan. Eep! Anyway, two favorite lines: "Veronica....V, as in Virgin" and "Annoy, tiny blonde one, annoy like the wind!" Classic Logan lines; very hilarious.

3. Veronica's "Damn!" twice in a row after seeing shirtless ex-Ethan from Passions. Right there with you, honey. Hot diggity damn!

4. The fabulous Columbo-fix that Veronica delivered during revealing the perp for stealing the $5,000 from the poker game. Oh, and the Christmas music playing during that scene? Awesome, and sets the mood perfectly. And, really, who had any doubts that Veronica actually knew how to poker? She is Veronica Mars, teenager P.I. after all.

4 1/2. "Can't you tell that I blend right in? Check it out...Where's Weevil?" during the Echolls Christmas party. Another priceless Weevil moment.

5. Lastly, but definitely not least, her confrontation with Jake Kane in the very end. Probably everyone who's watched all the episodes knows who done it, but I really suspect Celeste Kane of scaring Veronica's mother away. I love how Veronica finally confronts Jake with this information, and doesn't allow him to go before she gets a straight answer (that doesn't happen, but she's trying). I would've thought she'd ask him if he was her biological father -- but perhaps she doesn't want to drop the bomb just yet.

Running out of episodes here. Eep! I needs more Veronica Mars in a format that I can actually play on my computer! Converter, I desperately need a converter. But, dammit they're too expensive.
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