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30 Days of Supernatural: Days Seven and Eight

Day 7 - Your favorite Dean crying scene

Jensen does an incredible job with all his emotional scenes in this show. To be honest he deserves a frakking award for each and every one of them. There's something outstanding the way that he does it, and while some people call it "pretty boy crying" I think it's more than that. It's part of his character personality, the way he restrains himself, he compartmentalizes his emotions and he tries to hold it in until it gradually tears him apart. But he holds it together nonetheless. So really it's the build-up to those moments that really affect me the most about Jensen's performances in these kinds of scenes, because there's a sense of vulnerability that we don't often see with Dean and it really is fantastic to see on the screen.

As for favorite, I think I'm torn between the hospital scene at the end of "OTHOAP" and him revealing what happened to him in Hell at the end of "Heaven and Hell". Both are incredibly effective and there's something about him opening up like that which makes my heart ache.

Day 8 - Your favorite Sam crying scene

None. I find his crying scenes to be mostly ridiculous.

By this I mean that those kinds of scenes aren't his strongest suit in terms of his acting. He's more efficient with giving sad!face and puppy!eyes than emotional crying scenes, because otherwise it looks incredibly forced and overacted on his part. I mean that scene with him in "Heart" is a prime example of that. I was kind of embarrassed for him since that really was kind of a laughable scene, to be honest with you. It looked more along the lines of this:

I mean, it's like someone literally drenched his face in that scene, and I know some will argue that crying irl is never pretty and it's more "realistic" that way, and that's fine if they think so and are affected by it. I'm just not. It's better to downplay those scenes and have him just be sad in a subtle manner rather than shedding the tears. Leave those scenes to Jensen, please.

Rest of the 30 Days of Supernatural Challenge.

There's this talk about SPN getting a seventh season, and while I'm still on the DO NOT WANT bandwagon, I have been rethinking certain options.

Most shows that are extended longer than originally planned go through horrible seasons at some point or another, it's just inevitable. I hated the thought of extending to a sixth season and a seventh season is rather pointless considering how I think the story should have ended after season five because really, what else is there after a biblical apocalypse? However, I've thought about how having the show canceled after this poorly handled season would be kind of bad, and kind of an embarrassment overall. If the show needs to go out with a bang this is definitely not the season to do it seeing how it's failing left and right. So I'll accept them having a seventh season ONLY IF they get rid of Sera Gamble as showrunner and writer, just off the show for good plz, bring back Jeremy Carver and have him and/or Ben Edlund take over if Kripke isn't going to return, and have yet another apocalyptic arc/or something similar to finish off the entire story so we can have that explosive bang like Kripke had originally wanted for his show to have, and to have it be for real this time, not just some anticlimactic nonsense they pulled last season.

If certain shows could rise from the ashes of being a disappointment in the end, there may be a chance to save this one before it runs itself further into the ground. If done right, of course. Just putting it out there, is all.
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