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30 Days of Supernatural: Days Nine and Ten

Day 9 - Your favorite Dean death scene

When he got shot in the very beginning of "Dark Side of the Moon", and it's simply because it's such a Dean Winchester way of going out. From when the other hunters shot and killed his brother, he goes from shock to pure anger within seconds and has this attitude of "if you're gonna kill him then kill me too you fucking bastards!" It's the way that his glare holds so much threatening promise that makes me go, of course Dean would go out like this.

Day 10 - Your favorite Sam/other death scene

I think my other favorite death scene has to be Ellen and Jo Harvelle's death. Not because I loved it, because I didn't. I was sad that they were both killed off after just bringing them back, but it's more about the way they handled their death scene. It was incredibly touching and the fact that they spent time focusing on the emotional impact of their deaths by drawing it out made me realize they were paying respect to these two fierce women. Jo making a self-sacrificing decision that matured her far greater than anyone ever imagine, even winning the respects from those didn't like her that much from before, right to having Ellen stay with her daughter and going out in pure HBIC-style.

It's devastating that they killed off the last two awesome females on the entire show as they did, but I really liked how it happened. It stayed true to their characters by letting them go out, with Ellen and Jo being together, their differences and quarrels pushed aside and forgotten, mother and daughter up until the very end.

R.I.P. Ellen and Joanna Beth Harvelle. ♥

Rest of the 30 Days of Supernatural Challenge.

I see that Jim Beaver is coming to LACon next month. It looks like he and Creation finally reached a civil agreement about him participating again, since he said he was displeased with Creation's operations and wasn't going to be attending one of their events again. I'm definitely going to be getting his autograph this time, for sure.
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