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Meme Answers (Part 1)

These are answers from the "ask any fandom question" meme, if you haven't left a question and would like to please do so there. I'm open to answer anything as honestly as possible. ;)

From gwaevalarin:

What was your general view on angels before Castiel and his brethren came along, and how has our bamf, nerdy angel changed that view?

I honestly didn't know that much prior to the show other than certain details here and there though I didn't have much of an opinion on it, and actually it wasn't until Supernatural introduced them as part of the main mythology that I started getting heavily into researching more on angels in general. I've always been intrigued by theology and I think the show has really peaked that interest once they brought in the new element. How as Castiel changed my view? I wouldn't say he has specifically, but it's made me curious about different angelical lores that exist out there. I mean, I have several books on Enochian and even started doing some meta research on the Book of Revelation because of the show, believe it or not. So I think in the general sense, the show has made me more appreciative of the lore itself and more of a geek because of it.

Who is your favourite SPN angel, apart from Cas?

Gabriel. The moment the stunning reveal of Gabriel happened on the show, I immediately fell in love. I can't really explain how or why, but he quickly became my second favorite angel next to Castiel. ♥

What is the thing you love most and what is the thing you hate most about fandom?

What I love about fandom are the friendships made. I have made so many amazing friends throughout the years of being involved in fandom, like there's an undeniable connection with people of like-minds, the people who you can talk with and carry a conversation with for hours if you could about anything. And it doesn't even have to be fandom-related, we just start talking each other and the more we learn, the more we grow attached and amazing friendships are made. Some of you I have met through other fandoms and we've all migrated into the same fandoms overtime, and we stay together because of the great talks we have. And you guys are always there no matter what, and I love that. Sometimes it's hard to explain to others outside of such a community because they don't understand. I think another way to really describe this kind of feeling of fandom kinship is by going to conventions where you actually get to meet these amazing individuals face-to-face. I cannot tell you how utterly phenomenal it is. It's like being online but in real life...if that makes any sort of sense. It's like the moment you meet someone, like a flister or even a friend of a flister, you feel like you've known them forever. It's that undeniable connection that you feel with certain people, you just click immediately. It's simply amazing.

Another thing about fandom I love is how people can band together to make amazing things happen, despite differences and animosities that some may hold. Like when a real life tragedy strikes, certain things like help_haiti are setup, for example. It's a wonderful thing to witness and it makes you thankful to be part of such a community of people.

The thing I hate most about fandom are the unnecessary wankfests and bitchfighting that happens, and sometimes over the most trivial things. Like seriously? Get over yourselves, don't focus all that energy on such pettiness. I don't really think anyone loves that kind of drama, though, unless they are shit-stirrers who just don't care.
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