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Meme Answers (Part 2)

Continuing from the "ask anything fandom meme".

From avaserenity:

Where do you stand on the Vampire Diaries and how it plays into the whole human/vampire relationship stories that seem to be floating around? Is Vampire Diaries one of the better or worse?

While I read the first book a long time ago, I admit to have been reluctant about watching the series when it first premiered because of the hype surrounding vampires nowadays due to the Twilight fiasco, meaning the obsessions for all the wrong reasons. However, due to being interested with other vampires things like BTVS/Angel and then with True Blood, and after getting coaxed by several people I found myself actually really loving and enjoying the show. My stance on the human/vampire relationships presented, I definitely think it's one of the better representations of such a storyline. I'll have to make an official post about TVD because I do have things to say about it, so yeah. :)

From mercuries:

Who is your all-time favorite fictional character?

This is certainly a loaded question because I had to think about this. Male fictional character: Indiana Jones. I can't help it, Harrison Ford practically stole my heart and even after all this time I still regard Indiana as my favorite character of his entire career. Even surpassing Han Solo, if that's possible. As for favorite female fictional character, it's hard to say. I have so many women characters that I love, it's difficult to pick an all-time favorite.

The one that keeps appearing in my brain is Buffy Summers, since I stayed with her the longest and she had the most impact on my life. Buffy and Faith, respectively, my two favorite female characters of the show so, yeah. I'm gonna go with that. Or Veronica Mars. LOL I AM SO INDECISIVE.

From thefreshchuff:

What kind of role would you love to see Misha in?

Honestly? I would love to see Misha in a fantasy type role, something Xena or Legend of the Seeker-esque. Or something of the historical period era, like for example with The Tudors. Just imagine the kinds of garments he would be wearing in either one of those, the kind of acting that would require, especially in changing his speech to fit the time period, or riding horseback while wielding a sword. Just imagine.

I could also say Space Western and be side-by-side with a certain Captain Tightpants, but that would be too much of a fangirl dream wouldn't it. ^__^
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