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Meme Answers (cont'd)

From love_jackianto:

What actor (male or female) besides Misha would to like to see playing Cas? Who would you pick to play Sam and Dean?

Honestly, I cannot picture anyone else portraying Castiel other than Misha himself. He pretty much created the character as we see him on the screen now, to imagine someone else that has the same charismatic presence as he does is next to impossible. Same goes for Jared and Jensen as Sam and Dean, they've been playing their characters for years now it's hard to picture someone else in those roles.

But if I absolutely had to pick someone, I'd say Bridget Regan as my dream female version of Castiel. Some have already envisioned this via Tumblr and yeah, I can get behind that. ;)

even if it's odd considering I crack!ship Castiel/Kahlan but that's beside the point...
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