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So, is he happy to be slashed?

Richard: Yes! I am, and you know why? Because, you go to certain cultures and you go into the deepest darkest woods, and if their way of saying hello is to throw poop on your forehead, you let them throw poop on your forehead. So if their way of saying we love this guy and we love this character and embrace this character is to make him part of slash fiction? Slash away, babe!
OH RICHARD ILU. ♥ It's oddly endearing how these actors just openly embrace fandom like this, and lol at his analogy. XD

The article itself has more interesting tidbits from his interview and Richard being all around awesome, particularly with being shocked at how we, the fans, responded to his character and ironically becoming an outside influence for getting more work. Though unfortunately, it seems like Richard is implying that he hasn't been asked back onto the show. This makes me wonder if they (the Show, the writers) were lying through their teeth when they made the optimistic promise of getting Gabriel back onto the show this season. :(
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