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VM: Marshmallow P.I.

So, I finally taped the Veronica Mars pilot episode, which is higher quailty than the downloaded version I have. I'm also regretting not getting into the series when it first started, otherwise I would've had VMars tapes scattered all around me. But alas, I was going through a 'Boycott all television' phase after the cancellation and ending of my favorite shows. Then suddenly...WHAM! Something refreshing has reached higher television on the UPN network -- teenage private investigator, Veronica Mars. Along with Patricia Arquette on Medium and the fascination with Lost and my newest obsession with House, I've found salvation in the television world. I'm not fond of the reality series craze, simply because I don't understand it. And some shows I just cannot get into because to me, they lack anything entertaining.

Thank God for Veronica Mars, is all I'm saying.

Apparently HBP comes out very, very soonly. Although I should be hyperventilating in excitement, I'm not. Perhaps it's the summer laziness kicking in, but I'm not particularly enthusiastic about the sixth enstallment coming out. Because I know this is only the second to the final book ever of the Harry Potter series. While I'm not a diehard hardcore fanatic like some people in the fandom, I'm saddened that the series is going to be ending soon. More deaths, more devastations, and probably more psychological destruction towards Harry's mental health (it's a thing that I evaluate his character development).

Definitely going to be there at the midnight release (though I haven't preordered the book, because I know it'll be on sale for way less at a nearby store the day after, the same with OotP -- that's how my sister, mother, and myself all have our own hardcover copies of it); probably dressing up for the occasion though it's iffy that I might. Just going to be there representing the HP love, that's all.

Off to watch more VMars because, damn! It's an awesome show.
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