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Meme Answers (Finale!)

And last, but certainly not least, questions from mulder200:

1. What do you think a soul is?

Oh wow, thought-provoking question, something I had to think on for a while because, well, it's difficult to really explain in words. To me and how I perceive it, the soul is merely a state of being. It's our mind, our consciousness, our conscience and sense of morality, it's the essence of who we are as individuals that cannot be taken out and examined underneath a microscope or understood in scientific terms, but rather it's still one of the mysteries of who we are as human beings, how we're all different within ourselves and that's what makes special and unique individually. Does...that make any sense to anyone?

2. Do you ever think Castiel would ever be interested in sex? And if he was, who do you think he would choose to sleep with?

As far as I'm concerned, angels are not only genderless but they're also asexual, and that is how I choose to view them despite the show's unfortunate heteronormative propaganda in general. I think Castiel is rather curious about human behavior because it's completely foreign to him, even after spending so much time around humans and studying their habits and such. But as whole, Castiel has never shown any signs of being the least bit interested in sex or concerned with sexuality whatsoever, and I would like it to remain that way, thank you very much.

If he were though, he would definitely get with Dean. Like duh, obviously. I mean come on, profound bond much? ;)

3. What kind of things do you think Castiel and Dean did for fun off screen?

Hmmm, I would like to think some of the mundane things like Dean teaching Castiel the finer things in life, such as going to fast food restaurants or knowing how to play poker or pool. Perhaps during the fifth season when Castiel had lost some of his abilities Dean taught him how to use guns? *shrugs* Those kinds of things. Obviously Castiel could handle himself well with alcohol until he drank an entire liquor store, so drinking games with him would be out, lol. I would also like to think that maybe they watched some movies together. With Castiel asking random questions and either Dean shushing him or explaining things, while Cas just sat there tilting his head as he does. Or oh! I kinda want them to go to an amusement park or something together. Dean teaching Castiel the greatness of fried foods and fast rides without puking. XD

There are so many cute things they could have done together off screen, some that fanfic have already explored doing, hence why I love them. ;D
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