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30 Days of Supernatural: Day Fifteen

Day 15 - A scene that makes you angry

Considering that this show has been more frustrating than exciting lately, there are many scenes that have made me incredibly angry. Many of you probably already know the kinds of things I rant about regarding what the show has done, so I'm not going to repeat myself on the shitload of scenes that have angered me over the last season and a half so far. It's been done to death and quite frankly, it's exhausting just ranting about this show anymore. :(

There is one scene that really bothered me and that could have saved us the trouble had it never occurred at all: Dean visiting Lisa at the end of "99 Problems."

Had that not happened, we wouldn't have gotten this idiotic domesticated storyline that serves absolutely no purpose whatsoever and we wouldn't have gotten this out-of-character Dean Winchester for half of the sixth season. Moreover, the show wouldn't have taken a perfectly self-sufficient and independent woman who was perfectly happy being a single mother and took care of her child first before anything else, and turned her into a Bella Swan-wannabe in desperate to have a man in her life and disregarding the safety of her kid, thus destroying her characterization in the process. That was the most disappointing factor of the entire thing, honestly. Destroying both her and Dean's characterization for this pointless domestic life setup. Dean hadn't thought or mentioned Lisa in years and suddenly wants to play house? Lisa is willing to drop everything in her life for some stranger guy who leads a dangerous life, who is psychologically and emotionally damaged, to be around her son?

That's utter bullshit. I honestly feel insulted on behalf of the characters.

Dean is bigger than that, and Lisa is smarter than that. They should have just left Lisa and Ben alone and done something completely different for Dean to want to have a normal life besides hunting. It would have been more realistic, and in-character, had Dean just went off by himself to try to live off the grid inside a normal life by himself without any kind of relationship attachment. That would have been character growth and development after everything he'd gone through. Or, if they had to drag Lisa back into the mix for whatever reason, they honestly could have just done it where Lisa was being a friend to Dean and helping him out rather than getting involved with him. But hey, that would require actually thinking of a storyline to go ahead with and making sense in terms of the story and the characters, which obviously is too complicated for the new showrunner or the writers to comprehend I guess.

So yeah, that entire scene at the end of that episode is to blame for all of this. Had that not happened, things probably would have been much different this season, maybe even for the better.

....Wow. Okay, I totally didn't mean for this to go that long. But you see what I mean when I rant, and this is just one particular scene. Imagine everything else I could have ranted about, it would have been a freaking essay, lol.

Rest of the 30 Days of Supernatural Challenge.
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