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Fandomosity: Firefly, Wonderwoman, GoF, VMars, Music

|♥| - Space Cowboys: Firefly will be scheduled to be on the SciFi Channel starting July 22nd, just a reminder to those that have heard plenty of things about the Joss Whedon/Firefly/Serenity craze and have wanted to view the episodes before seeing the film. Also, SciFi has confirmed that the will, indeed, show all the episodes in the correct order.

|♥| - "Can I be your Wonderwoman?": Speaking of our lovely Joss, there's much speculation on who the next Wonderwoman is going to be. Sarah Michelle Gellar? Katie Holmes? Or perhaps or very own Morena Baccarin of Firefly? Well, fans seem to think so. There's a video where Morena discusses the possibility with working side-by-side Whedon again, as well pimping the excitement over "Serenity". Rather random here, but I simply adore her haircut!

|♥| - Big Damn Movie: Regarding the "Serenity" hype, there's a possibility that the Big Damn Movie might have an earlier premiere date. Is this a good thing or bad thing considering the anticipation and sales? That's still up for debate.

|♥| - Potterverse: While I'm anticipating more promotional pictures from GoF (perhaps the first glimpse at Cho Chang, or more Yule Ball goodness, or even some Draco pictures), it's been confirmed that Daniel Radcliffe is going to be in a non-Potterific movie called December Boys, which will start filming sometime after the GoF release in November. This isn't the first movie Daniel has co-starred in, however this will be his first independent film project since his rising stardom in the Harry Potter films. The premise will follow four orphaned boys growing up in Australia in the 1960's, based on the novel by Michael Noonan. I'm glad that Daniel is broadening his horizens in the film industry, working on other projects that isn't Hollywoodesque. Besides, he has stated before that he'd like to star in other films besides Harry Potter, then right after he'd like to profession in directing himself.

|♥| - Veronica Mars Is Smarter Than You: Pimping the Marshmallow P.I.: Veronica Mars is rerunning on UPN all this summer, which it'd started last night (if you're in the United States, I'm unaware about the television schedules elsewhere in the world). This'll get all those people curious about the series to watch the episodes, as well as fans of the show to rewatch all the episodes before the second season starts up this fall. Which lets you wonder this little question: Who really killed Lilly Kane?

|♥| - The Music Scene: The current song I've been listening to over and over is Jakalope - Pretty Life.
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