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30 Days of Supernatural: Day Sixteen

Day 16 - An episode that scared you

Oddly, I don't find get scared while watching Supernatural. At all. There's the occasional freaky and gross-out moments here and there, the former mostly during the earlier seasons, but nothing that outright scared or terrified me or even remotely spook me to the point where I'm scarred for life. Personally, I love horror and thrillers in general. Like, I seriously thrive off of these kinds of genres, I'm addicted to them. So really, I'm totally desensitized to whatever this show does in terms of what it describes as "scary."

I mean come on, I watch Miike Takashi films for goodness sakes. His work makes Supernatural look like a harmless puppy in comparison.

Rest of the 30 Days of Supernatural Challenge.
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