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"I like pancakes."

Looks like I didn't really miss much regarding Supernatural. Figures. However, I am getting psyched up for 6.15 in case people haven't read my previous post. ^__^

I spent the other day rewatching Haven, the entire first season, and it reminded me just how frakking good the show is. Started out mysterious but kind of lighthearted for the most part, but ended on a darker, mostly serious business where shit got real and it makes me anticipate the second season that'll be airing this summer. It makes me really happy that the show was picked up for another season instead of being canned as the network now seems to love doing to their newer shows. I just hope that it stays this way because I really like Haven and the characters and the mysteries involved. It's one of those rare gems you find that nobody else knows about, and that you want more people watching because you love it that much.

Speaking of Syfy, while I'm still bitter at them for what happened to Caprica, and that I'm sure Blood & Chrome will get the same poor treatment, I'm actually crossing my fingers that Alessandra Torresani gets involved somehow because a.) I adore her and b.) how else are they going to connect the Cylon revolution, considering how Caprica ended?

ALSO...HOW COME NOBODY TOLD ME THAT TRICIA AND KATEE DID THEIR LIVE USTREAM VIDDING JUST A FEW DAYS AGO? I TOTALLY MISSED THEM, AND I TOTALLY WANTED TO ASK QUESTIONS! Oh well, they are adorable anyway regardless and watching the videos makes me love them even more. If that's possible. ♥
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