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Film Review: The Roommate

Earlier I saw The Roommate (after jumping through some hoops because the theaters around here really seem to hate me), but otherwise I finally got a chance to view it. Here are my thoughts.

It definitely was a remastered version of Single White Female, and the film itself is what you'd typically expect from such a teenage creepy flick like this. Which isn't to say that it's bad or anything, but it's definitely more of an entertainment kind of movie than anything else.

I think I was mostly disappointed that we didn't get enough into Rebecca's backstory enough. I wanted to know more information about who she was, especially with her psychological problems. How did she get like that? When was it discovered, and how did they manage it? Why did her parents allow her to go into the real world when they probably would have known something like this might have blown up? What about her past and the girl she obviously had been obsessed with during high school? Was it the same situation like with Sarah, but it was stopped before it escalated further? You know, those kinds of things. We only got bits and pieces, but I wanted to know more, get into her psyche and understand her better on that level and not just an "oh she craycray" and that's it kind of deal.

Granted I'm a bit biased, because I mainly went to this movie for Leighton Meester because she's my girl, so naturally I would want more of her character. But can you really blame me? Rebecca was certainly the most intriguing characters of the movie by far. It had to do with Leighton being fantastically creepy which was unnerving in itself. Proving, once again, just how amazing of an actress she is. Which is why I'm praying that there better be extended and deleted scenes that reveal more about the character than what was seen in the movie because obviously there's more to the story that's being left out and by the end, there's much to be desired.

I'm not surprised that Rebecca didn't make it, though it would have been nice if she had survived and she would have been sent to a psychiatric facility and we could have seen her working up more of her creepy obsessiveness over other patients in there or something, idk. That would have been a better ending I think. But that's just me.

Overall, it's rather enjoyable. Not a perfect movie, but it's not entirely bad either. It's mostly just alright. Also it's not really a scary-horror kind of movie, it has creepy elements but that's just about it since you kind of know already what to expect (the trailer kind of gave most of it away, anyway). Though that's just me, everyone has their different preferences on what they can handle or can't. If nothing else, Leighton's performance will definitely blow your mind because she's absolutely phenomenal. This really showed just how utterly creepy she can be with her acting abilities and she's simply flawless in this role, like seriously. LAHV YA BB LEIGHTON. ♥

Though I swear, Leighton and Minka Kelly could actually be twins they look that much alike, it's uncanny. O_O
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