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30 Days of Supernatural: Days Twenty and Twenty-One

I can finally go back to finishing this meme now that I'm home again, lol!

Day 20 - Your favorite recap

I don't have one. The recaps are just that, recaps. Nothing incredibly special about them, tbh. Onto the next one.....

Day 21 - Your favorite character entrance

Does anyone really need to ask?

Season four premiere, Castiel's entrance still remains the best motherfucking character entrance of the entire show, hands down. He just walks into that barn, the doors automatically opening up for him, he walks up to Dean and Bobby while getting shot with ~sparks~ flying everywhere, and he still doesn't break stride. Leading everyone to be all "oh, who is this mysterious guy? why isn't he affected? holy shit, who is he?" So fucking awesome, every single time you watch it.

Plus, Castiel is known for his epic entrances anyway. This was the first one that started it all. ♥

Rest of the 30 Days of Supernatural Challenge.

I've been listening to Lady Gaga's new song, "Born This Way", and I absolutely adore it. ♥ Can't wait for her new album to come out.

After watching her performance at the Grammy's last night, I don't really understand all the ruckus is about. She made her entrance inside of an egg, she had a bitchin' outfit on as well as fabulous hair, her vocals were outstanding, the choreography was flawless, and the overall message was beautiful. I don't know what people are bitching about, but it was perfectly fine to me. Just because she wasn't flying around randomly bursting out blood from her gut or something similarly outrageous doesn't mean it wasn't a quality performance in its own right.
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