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"Book 'em, Danno!"

Just so everyone's clear, Hawaii Five-0 (re-imagined) is REALLY REALLY FREAKING AWESOME. I just finished catching up on this fantastic show and seriously, it's addictive fun.

Steve and Danny are totally married in this. Their bantering is absolutely hysterical, and seriously they do have that "profound bond" of chemistry between each other. Just seeing one episode you'll understand why immediately. They really are like Dean and Castiel in some places, where Steve is like Castiel sometimes where Danny is definitely Dean. They just are alike, particularly with the way they interact and talk with each other and their undeniable profound bonding. I just, yeah. There's no way anyone can watch this show without shipping them.

Also, DANIEL DAE-KIM and GRACE PARK. ♥ Being gorgeous and kickass. This entire cast really, they play off each other well. I like that.

I love finding new fandoms to play with.
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