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The world can be a cruel place.

I'm sure everyone's heard about the Justin Bieber fiasco by now. Quite frankly there are so many things that need to be said in what he said during that interview and the outrage that it rightfully created. However I think this pretty much sums up my thoughts and feelings on the entire issue, way better articulated than I could ever have done. Even if misquoted, his age and naivety are no excuse for the impact of his words and what it says about our society and how we view these things with the lack of education and empathy.

There are plenty of things that have enraged and disappointed me regarding the news and what's been happening politically. There's so much hatred and discrimination and people actually trying to justify and reason for it is absolutely disgusting and inhumane, I can't. -__-

But sometimes you get that spark of hope. Like learning that Hawaii approving civil unions for same-sex couples. ♥
Tags: celebrity news, politics, rant
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