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30 Days of Supernatural: Day Twenty-Five

Day 25 - Something that you wish happened but didn't

More elaboration on Castiel's mission to find God. Seeing as how that seemed mega important with what they were dealing with, I figured we would be getting something out from his personal quest. At least an episode or two detailing what he's been doing, who he's been seeing, what kind of battles and fights he's been getting into when encountering his brothers who want to kill him, and everything else in between to really sense his struggle with his own faith. Never mind the entire amulet thing, which has been completely forgotten. Moreover with his mission this season with handling the civil war happening in Heaven, which has only been mentioned but hardly shown as of yet. I hope that gets some screen time soon, otherwise I'mma cutting a bitch.

Background on Uriel and his conversions. I found him quite fascinating, and learning that he was recruiting other angels onto his side of wanting Lucifer to rise, I felt like there needed to be more regarding that whole situation, and was disappointed that was hardly even mentioned again.

An epic showdown in the S5 finale, which again was a huge letdown and disappointment. Come on people, this is a biblical apocalypse for crying out loud! Low budget be damned, make it worthwhile.

Dean to have had a payoff with his storyline which was incredibly interesting with his character development. Instead, it was just tossed away.

More with the angels in general, actually. You give us this incredibly fascinating piece of mythology of these otherworldly beings, and yet hardly elaborate more with them even if you're dealing with something like an apocalypse and a civil war happening in Heaven. These things are more than just background noise, they are essential to the plot and story itself. I wanted more information about Lucifer, to understand his motivations like the rest of the angels. I wanted more of the archangels, the hierarchies, how many angels are in a garrison, was Michael in charge this entire time? What about the Heaven? What's it like for the angels? You know, things like that. Don't wave something rich and delicious in front of our faces and then take it away.

For Dean to go off by himself in the S5 finale. To leave everything behind and start anew by himself, create his own independence at a different life outside of hunting. That would have been the Dean Winchester thing to do that would have made sense with his character development right at that moment. And yet.....

Ben Edlund to take charge of the show. Or for Jeremy Carver to have stayed while Sera Gamble got kicked to the curb.

For Katie Cassidy to have stayed as Ruby, or never brought Ruby back at all if she couldn't.

GABRIEL TO COME BACK. ;__; Or that he hadn't died at all and joined Team Free Will indefinitely and helped them in this war.



There's still some kind of hope that there will be one, however that will only happen if Ben Edlund writes it because seriously, I trust no other writer on the show to do their long overdue meaningful and profound hug justice. I mean seriously, they're friends and boyfriends obvs, they have a profound bond that has been forming since the fourth season, why they haven't hugged it out already is still a huge mystery. Stop making Dean act like a complete jerkoff, have him apologize, and have them hug it out, dammit Show. It's not that hard, nor is it implausible considering the kind of connection they have and everything they've been through together.

Rest of the 30 Days of Supernatural Challenge.

Let's be honest, there's a lot of things I wished happened on this show that never did. It's either fannish wishful thinking or something that would have been incredibly plausible and should have happened, instead they went in an entirely different direction that has me scratching my head in confusion. Interesting how most of these wishes are coming from the recent seasons and not earlier, hmmmm.
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