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Random Thoughts: Hollywoodism High School of Hell

It's extremely odd that I find it absolutely harmless about the Tom Cruise/Katie Holmes relationship, and yet I'm not fond of the Brad/Angelina hookup. The thing is, Katie and Tom look so incredibly cute and are happy together (excluding the Scientology shtick that's happening). Whereas Brad and Angelina, well, it's just awkward now. I wasn't a huge fanatic over the Jennifer Aniston and Brad Pitt relationship though I did think they were going to be the next Ryan and Reese. But I was bummed after hearing their mutual agreement to separate -- and then, weeks later, it's announced that Brad and Angelina were hooking it up after their scenes in Mr. and Mrs. Smith. Classic Hollywood scandal of tabloids, I know. Still, I can't help feeling guilty whenever seeing those two together. It's like their relationship progressed too fast after Brad and Jennifer's breakup only weeks before. Plus, though Angelina is an amazingly talented and sexy actress, I fear that's why I'm having a harder trouble believing they'll last. It's Hollywood, for fucking sakes. It's their high school relationships -- so there's still hope that, after the sex, Brad will be running back to Jennifer looking for a stable relationship again.

Perhaps I'm looking way futher into this situation when there shouldn't be any reason for me to because, hey, I don't know them personally so I cannot make judgement on their affairs. Nevertheless, I do still feel rather obligated towards the Brad/Jennifer relationship because it was just so adorable! This is why I refuse to see Mr. and Mrs. Smith in theaters, despite the irrationality I feel like I'd be betraying Jennifer Aniston by seeing it. I shouldn't be, but I am.

Still going to rent it when it comes on video, though. Despite my feelings and the disappointment some of the people in my Film Class were discussing about this film being a ripoff of an older film, I'm still renting it whenever it comes out on video.

Understanding the celebrity life just isn't my forte, especially mainstream Hollywood celebrities. Which is probably why I don't mention it quite often unless it's dealing with a particular fandom. These recent couples (Tom/Katie, Brad/Angelina) have gotten tons of publicity and definitely criticism towards the fast-paced relationships. This is what I'd like to call the High School of Hollywood; in the Celebrity World, it's their own little circus and private high school -- only for some, it's more publicized than other's. I might not chat about this very often, but on very special occasions such as this (or when I want to discuss something that's been mentioned everywhere else that I feel like I need to place an input of my own), I'll add my opinion or thoughts on it.

There's a lot of hidden psychological mishaps in being in the spotlight, and I'm just a curious gal looking for answers. That's all. This probably makes absolutely no sense to onlookers, so if you don't understand this at all just ignore my mindless babbling.
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