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20 February 2011 @ 06:17 pm
And this is why I watch this show.  
Nikita continues to be absolutely amazing. The recent episode, 1.15 "Alexandra", was perhaps the most intense episode so far in dealing with not just character background and development, but also something that could potentially be incredibly important to the overall plot regarding Alex's storyline.

I loved this episode simply because it gave us more into who Alex is, and just how important her role may very well be in the scheme of things. Alex practically reinvented herself many times after the death of her family, however in this episode we see that she's still Alexandra Udinov underneath, and I think this is starting to really get to Nikita after witnessing what she did with the video recording.

Division attacked Alex's family because her father was an important figure in their country, and what do Division missions often require? Taking out certain names that may pose a threat, either to them personally or as a national security issue. In this episode we are given a flashback when a younger Alex is asking her father about things she had read about online of his reputation, to which he simply replies that it was all for her and their family, for their protection and safety. He doesn't say anything else, but it's acknowledged that her father might not have been on the good side of things and perhaps done some pretty horrible things to ensure his position. In a previous episode we were given another flashback to Alex and her father, this time venturing into the woods, looking like they were on the run, when really it was a survival technique he was teaching her. These flashbacks are significant to who Alex is and where she comes from, and what we might find out later this season. But for the most part, here we learn that Alex is the last surviving member of her family -- and importance to her country -- and if anyone knew of her whereabouts, that she is alive and well, they would want to hunt her down and kill her. Even Division, if they knew her true identity.

This is why the final scene with Amanda was quite chilling. Amanda is quite manipulative, puts on her best poker face but she might know more than she's leading on. Now, the question is whether Amanda has caught onto Alex's true identity with the clues from the sessions, or whether she's helping Michael piece together the Alex/Nikita connection. Or possibly both. Whatever it is, it doesn't look good with Alex trying desperately to keep both under wraps from these people.

Another plot-thickening aspect this episode revealed was Nikita being involved with the raid on Alex's family. This could potentially be bad if/when Alex finds this out. She knows that Division was behind it, but learning that Nikita was part of that attack? There might be some breaking of trust, unless Alex knows better to try and understand that Division makes their agents to whatever, no questions asked. Plus she knows about Nikita's life story, knows that she got out since she knew Division was evil for the things they do, the things they make their agents do.

Mostly, I love the Alex/Nikita relationship on the show so much, they are the heart and soul of the show for me, I would hate to see their partnership and trust be broken. :(

Moreover, Nikita's reaction to seeing Alex kill Vlad was heartbreaking. She never intended on Alex to be returned to that life, to face the man that she was sold to and forced into that destructive lifestyle, and she certainly never intended on Alex taking a life. When she shot Thom that was purely accidental. But this was revenge, this was pure intent and when you take into account her family, what they possibly did to others and their reputation, Nikita is worried and scared that Alex is turning into that herself. She wants to protect Alex, wants her to become better than that, but you can see Nikita just mulling all of that over in her head just watching that recording.

Not that the scum Vlad didn't deserve getting shot, and really the revenge is very well-deserved and Alex was honestly amazing with that venom dripping from her lips in telling him the truth before she did him in. But I can understand Nikita's worries.

It's gonna be an interesting rest of the season, I tell you that. And the next episode is Alex-centric again, and I cannot wait for more.

Also, I've seen some people complain that they're focusing more on Alex than Nikita, which honestly? That's ridiculous. Alex is part of Nikita's story, this is part of her search for redemption of things she's done, and as I mentioned above her partnership and relationship with Alex is part of that, and they are the heart and soul of the show as far as I'm concerned. There is more than meets the eye, and I have a feeling we're gonna get even more as the rest of the season plays out.
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philstar22philstar22 on February 21st, 2011 02:37 am (UTC)
I agree with you 100%. Human trafficking is my pet issue, so I love that the episode explored that fairly realistically for an action show. This show really gets at the heart of these two characters. Both of them are people with painful pasts who are trying to do the right thing. I love the mentor relationship between the two. I love how they both affect each other. Nikita may be Alex's mentor, but Alex has an equal effect on Nikita. And in some ways, Alex humanizes her.

I'd like to see more about who Percy, Amanda, and Birkhoff are, but that is pretty much my only complaint about the show. The only other thing I'd like is to see male agents using their physical attractiveness to seduce targets the way we see female agents doing. But the show is still epically awesome.